Honda CB350F GP Replica


I will confess that my dream bike is a vintage racing bike from the  1950’s or 1960’s that I can ride on the street. I know that for many reasons that this is not practical for either me as a rider, or for a finely tuned race bike. But I can dream. It looks like the seller of this CB350F base GP replica did just what I want to do, at least visually.


From the seller.

Hello all, this is my Honda 350 GP bike that I had built to be a street ride able version of my race bike. It still retains an on-board electric starter and even has a hidden headlight as well as a taillight for street riding. It is titled and is ready to ride and enjoy. I have both used this as a pit bike at vintage car races (good turning radius) and of course for street fun! Those megaphones sound killer! This bike was created using the early 1970’s CB350F engine and that is how it is titled. The bike is finished off very well and when I’m not riding it, it either adorns my race shop office or my living room.


I have always tried to point out venders who support vintage motorcycles with parts spares and updated electronics when ever a seller points them out. In this case the seller doesn’t share with us where they may have purchased some of the parts to put this Replica together. I know if you do a search for Honda CB there are venders out there who offer full fairings similar to this one. The seat and tank are also available in non metal, “not for street use” plastics.


More from the seller, or is it less?

Also, I have a new megacycle race cam, a knife-edged and balanced crank that fit this as well as race carbs, twin shoe big drum brake with aluminum rim front wheel, and spare motors, as well as 6-spd transmissions that would be very enjoyable mods to this bike. They are not included, but I am happy to make you a nice deal for them if you purchase the bike


I can see where the seller might have gathered these additional parts to complete the GP replica theme, but not sure what I think about offering them up at an additional cost. All of these parts would complete the transformation from a dressed up CB350 to something ready for the track. But to offer them at an additional cost is a little bit of a tease. “Here is my great looking bike, if you want you can also make it go like stink,” I have these for sale separably.


This  1970’s CB350F GP replica is a very stunning motorcycle to look at. It has the fairing, tank and seat which give it the look of racing Honda’s from the 1960’s. The paint and graphics were given great detail, and the seller likes to display the bike when not using it as a pit bike for their racing cars. Telling us about all the performance goodies that are not included in the sale tell us that this is a show bike, and less of a go bike. Still hanging a knee out when turning into the local coffee shop parking lot would be fun. BB

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2 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    It must be me but I can not find the link to any eBay or listing?

  2. Casey Putsch says:

    It’s my bike. I’m happy to answer any questions if you contact me directly through the auction. The bike goes quite well, I was simply saying I have some other good bits for it as I race a nearly identical bike and even got a vintage AMA championship on that one. Also, the tank is set-up so you can run modern pump fuel with the bike.