I command you to buy this now. 1969 Norton Commando

Some would say Norton was the best of the british back in the day. The prices they command would support that too. They always seem finish at the highest price. Except maybe a BSA Goldstar. This bike has been successfully restored with a nice custom touch. If you’re looking for “just from the factory” bike this isn’t it. However if you’re looking for a finished, ready to ride mild custom this is your Arnold right here. The seller has a very complete description.

from the seller:

Slightly customized Norton Commando that was never intended to be sold as the former owner who passed away after a five year restoration by Commando Specialist, Cycle Craft Motorcycles in Stockholm, New Jersey. It is definitely one of the more unique Commandos available on the market with stock appearance other than seat. The bike is not original from the standpoint of the following: The frame which is the older type with center stand mounted to the frame has been powder coated as well as the cradle and swingarm. The body work, tank,side covers, rear fender and chain guard cost $2200 to paint. It’s clear coated over decals and pin stripes. The front fender and chain guard are from Colorado Norton Works. The wheels have Buchanan aluminum rims (18′) and stainless spokes with new Avon tyres. The hubs are polished with clear coat. The Combat engine has been completely rebuilt with new rod bearings, cam,pistons,valves,powder coated cylinder, anti wet sump mod as well as camchain tensioner, new forks, new wheel bearings, vernier isolastics. It’s set up with 32mm Amal Mk II carbs and K & N filter. Oil filter kit, electronic ignition, Corbin seat. The list goes on as there are 7 pages of parts and labor totally almost $18,000 not including the original bike which will be included with purchase. There is approximately 50 miles on the bike since restoration and it is the most powerful British machine I have ever ridden….

So let off some steam, Bennett. Buy this Commando and right before you ride off from your favorite bike night you can say “I’ll be back Bennett”.  Click here to see this cheating muscle bike.

Sorry for the bad puns and movie references, I can’t help myself.


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1 Response

  1. riot says:

    There are few things cooler than a Black Norton Commando.

    If you have a black Norton:
    – You can ride it to Sturgis, and no one will hassle you.
    – You can ride it to a bar and the Hipsters will gush.
    – Vintage events, british clubs, modern events, everywhere you go positive comments will follow
    – You can even look equally cool wearing a 3-piece or a leather suit while riding one of these.

    It’s rare enough to get attention, but not so rare that you need to feel guilty about making it yours. Decent handling, (relatively) decent reliability, and good power. Basically, this is just about a perfect bike for anyone who loves the old stuff.