Incredible Ducati NCR collection for sale!

For Sale:
1978 Ducati 860 NCR
1979 Ducati NCR 950 Endurance
1980 Ducati NCR “Power House Special”

Located in Japan are three fantastic Ducati racers – all in sublime condition and with impressive pedigree. All are in showroom condition and ready to ride, and any one of these bikes is enough to make the stout-hearted absolutely weak in the knees!

Here is a great shot of all three bikes together. Let’s take them one by one.

Bike #1: 1978 Ducati 860 NCR

From the seller:
1978 860 NCR which known as “Hailwood One of 10”
This bike was appeared in Japanese magazine “Car Graphic” in Jan-1980.

Engine No 088974 DM860.

We replaced the piston rings from our stocked genuine NOS and brand new shims recently.
Now it’s all completed and stored in dry condition.
The last opportunity of a life time to own this extremely rare NCR in fully original condition

Bike #2: 1979 Ducati NCR 950 Endurance

From the seller:
A real ex factory bike of total 5 build in 1979.
Everything original, race ready, kept in dry.
This bike is real – made by NCR 1979
It was built for IOM classic TT on 1979

This bike was ridden a trial heat by very famous rider, but he did not ride this bike for the final round (He rode for Suzuki then)
After that, French motorcycle dealer “Val D’oise Competition” bought it.
Then it was brought to Japan.

Engine has been totally restored by using genuine spares in perfect working order.
Race ready bike.
Engine # DM860 088982
Frame # 860 089901

Bike #3: 1980 Ducati NCR “Power House Special”

From the seller:
Build by NCR, Orderd by Japanese Ducati dealer “Power House” .
One of the most famous NCR to Japanese.
This bike appear in the book “Ducati Racing”
Ready to race.
Frame# 860SS 802619
Engine# DM860 802619

There is something really special about NCR Ducatis. Maybe it is the purpose-built look and functionality that draws the eye; there are details everywhere, and any one of the pictures is good for extended study. Whether it is the unpainted area on the composite tanks (a zero weight fuel gauge) or the swiss-cheesed ancillary bits made of unobtanium metals (check out the “vented” clutch covers), each piece of these amazing machines is simply enthralling. Somewhere there is a lucky new owner to be…

These three bikes are availble now – either as a collection or individually. The seller can be contacted through Collezione-Giappone S.p.A. for those serious enough to inquire about details, pricing and shipping. The bikes are listed as genuine NCR items, and all are located in Japan. Additional images can be found here.

Good luck to the seller, and all my envy to the buyers to be!


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