My Dad always called the place Monkey Wards but I never saw a monkey there: 1969 Wards Riverside Benelli Cobra

1969 Wards Riverside for sale

When I was kid Montgomery Wards was at the mall and they sold TV’s, clothes, tools and other necessaries for the common Merican. I liked going there but only because trips up town with my Dad were funny. He never used the right words for anything. He replace the correct words with similar words and I giggled every time. Here’s something I never saw at Monkey Wards though. If I knew these were there I would have begged to go. In the late 60’s and early 70’s the Italians were making some of the sexiest motorcycles in history and rebranding them with any name the distributors wanted. Did you know you could buy a whole house from Sears? Yeah, and when you arrived at your newly purchased sears built house with all sears appliances a Sears branded Benelli could be sitting in the garage. You could just order it out of a catalog. Amazon? You paying attention?

This particular Wards bike is a very desirable bike among collectors and is priced very fairly with it’s BIN.

1969 Wards Riverside for sale on eBay


From the seller…

Selling a rare and mint condition 1969 Binelli Cobra 125cc,This bike condition from 1-10 is an easy 9.A beautiful Italian cafe bike that was produced in Italy but sold by Montgomery Wards hence the name Wards Riverside.

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  1. BrianC says:

    Your dad wasn’t alone in calling it “Monkey Ward”. I think it was a generational thing.