New Old Stock Honda CB900F

Our buddy Steve in Australia tipped us off to this Yahoo Japan auction for a NOS Honda CB900F! Check it out:

A quick bit from the Wikipedia entry on this machine:

In most magazine tests, the CB900F normally clocked low to mid 12 seconds in the quarter mile and as low as 11.84 seconds in a Motorcyclist magazine test. Despite being out-displaced, the CB900F competed with other performance bikes of the time such as the Kawasaki Kz1000, Suzuki GS1000, and Yamaha XS1100. The engine was tuned to produce mid range power rather than maximizing peak horsepower at the top engine speed, thus giving good acceleration from 4,000 rpm to the 9,500 rpm redline.

We’re a bit late to the party on this one, but it’s currently at about $31500 with a day to go. WOW!


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12 Responses

  1. “currently at about $31500”

    More correctly, that’s what the seller has set for the opening bid. No takers thus far. According to the Japanese at the bottom of the site’s page, this is a North American model. Drool City for me. Dang.

  2. crazy phil says:

    Current price ~$31,640 US. Buy it now price ~$41,500 US
    This is ridicfulous! Last week I was snooping around at your old posts and found a link to a Japanese website (in Japanese, luckily they use #s westerners understand…). A company had TWO (I think they were new) 750 NSRs. Price? somewhere around $40,000 US!
    Remember the dix from UK who wanted $350,000 for their HOLY GRAIL NSR 750? They also, had used H2s, Kawi 500 triple (were those H1s? memory’s failing) and KZ 1000s & Z-1s for $20,000+ US.
    My point being that some dix are asking astronomical prices, so shop carefully before commiting yourself to an auction!
    The NOS CB 900 may be nice, but to pull a number out of my ass, I’d think anything much over $15,000 – $17,000 would seem too much for this bike. It is a HONDA! I frankly don’t know if I’ve seen this model before, but it is a HONDA! What would a nice low milage example be worth? six to eight grand?? maybe??
    I won’t ask if I’m crazy… I think we all know the answer to that, but does anyone agree with me? What does anyone think nice low mileage example go for???

  3. Phil, nobody’s a dick for setting a particular price. It’s up to a buyer/bidder to determine a price worth paying. If a seller sets a price that’s subjectively too high, nobody will buy or bid. It’s simple. Your opinion on whether the pricing is reasonable or not only applies to you. Your opinion of the pricing being too high for you is valid. Your inclination to call sellers dicks because of the relative tightness of your wallet is, I think, uncalled for.

    On a subjective note, I find it surprising that you’d comment on the price of something for which you’re unfamiliar. A lack of knowledge is no basis for a credible evaluation. Just sayin’.

  4. crazy phil says:

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I thought I mentioned I wasn’t sure if my opinions were correct. That’s why I asked for feedback, which you kindly gave, I said DIX, which is short for DIXON, who was known…. okay I’m lying I did mean dicks… which wasn’t aimed in particular at you or the seller of this bike. But yes, I was rude. I am sorry. Please axcept my apology.

    Now, having said that, did you see the NSR 750 for sale for somewhere around $350, 000 from a dealer in the UK? (I saw 2 around $40,000 on a Japanese language site) Or the guy (Cal dealer) who wanted $100,000 for two MHR Ducatis that at least one was documented (if not both) for for having recently sold (yes the exact same bike!)under $20.000,? This guy was trying to say it was for charity and it was some kind of a tax write off.
    The UK dealer w/ the $350,000 NSR was selling USED Kawi 2 stroke triples and Zeds for over $20,000.
    I will stand behind my statement that these two examples are DICKHEADS trying to screw people by charging prices that are WAY, WAY out of line. In my book they are DIX! AGREED, no one is forced to buy.

    I do want to state again, I wasn’t necessarily portraying the seller of the CB as a dick, I was asking for feedback… that was why I said I was pulling numbers out of my ass!

    My apologies to you Trane, and the sellers of the CB. I totally agree that people can ask what ever they want. In my book, if I think people are trying to unjustly enrich themselves at another’s expense, I believe they’re subject to being critcized. It’s your perogative to disagree and you’re a better man than
    Bottom line, you’re right, I shoudn’t be calling people names!
    Thanks Trane for holding my feet to the fire! I will use this as a learning experience and try to moderate my behavior in the future!
    with much respect, phil

    Final note: I am not unfamiliar with Hondas. I have owned a Z-50 (with a 90 cc crammed in) CB550, 1978 CB 750F, 1979 CB750K , 1979 GL1000 and 1984 GL 1200 maybe others I can’t remember, along with a dozen more or so Suzis, Yammys including half a dozen Kawis. I’ve also been riding since before I was sixteen I’m now 39! Er 49… All right I’m 57! So that being said, I do know some about bikes and DO have some background. Most Hondas just aren’t rare! This was my thinking that the CB900 wasn’t worth what’s being asked!

  5. crazy phil says:

    July 16, 3 PM PDT-Still no BIDS!

  6. Hey, no need to apologize to me. I wasn’t offended.

    I think that the market by its very nature teaches sellers lessons when it comes to sellers setting prices that are high. Demand for the item determines whether the pricing is reasonable. I saw the NRs up for sale. I don’t think they sold. Do I think it’s good value? For me, no. Do I think the guy was trying to screw people? No. Honda made ~300 of those things and even brand new they sold for better than $50,000. Twenty years later, you can expect a significant increase in market value. For some people, that bike is the Holy Grail.

    A seller won’t be screwing somebody if the goods are as described and the buyer is satisfied with the price he/she is paying. Period. If you think a seller is screwing people even while being completely honest about the goods he’s moving, I think you’re really missing the point that the subjective value of something to an individual stands exclusive to the market average.

    I commented on your lack of knowledge about the CB900F because I don’t think being familiar with Honda as a brand or a few of its models is a basis for establishing the Want Factor of an NOS ’82 900F. You’re right that Hondas are in and of themselves not rare, but I dare say that ANY new-in-the-crate bike from 1982 is rare NOW. And for somebody whose heart begins beating harder when they see this particular model, 40 grand might be chump change in the fulfillment of a dream. Outside of cold collectors, I suspect most people who’d buy this bike would be very emotionally involved.

    By they way, if a seller is a dick for asking a certain price, a person willing to pay that price is also, by extension, a dick. Or gullible. Or something. Yes? In my world, I prefer “happy seller and happy buyer”. No need to put anybody down. People have stuff and are free to try to sell it for whatever amount they feel it’s worth. Other people have money and are free to buy stuff for whatever they feel it’s worth.

    Cheers, Phil. I hope you have a great day.

  7. “July 16, 3 PM PDT-Still no BIDS!”

    Yeah, it’s been relisted. The new auction has 4 days to go.

  8. crazy phil says:
    Sweet looking 1982 CB900F 27,000. Asking price????? $1,495. Yes $1,495. There’s another one there for the same price!
    I think I can state my expertise spans beyond the few models I have owned. Seems reality bears that out!
    Take care Trane! Shiny side up!
    with respect, crazy phil

  9. crazy phil says:

    Se sure to go past the rattier CB. The nice one is farther down the page!

  10. crazy phil says:

    I’m learnin” The page I posted is a listing from othe websites, like craigslist and ebay. The one nice bike I mentioned was from craigslist, so I assume it did sell for $1,495. There were others from ebay, so those were only current bids. I didn’t realise that. I did see a 81 or 82 CB900F in really nice shape w/ 12,000 mi that had 4 into 1, had been jetted and had K&Ns that sold for $2,900. I realise now, seeing all these pictures, I have seen these around… I always thought they were 750s!

  11. crazy phil says:

    Here’s the cream of the crop. 12,000 looks close to perfect. All kinds of extras :$2,901 sold on ebay.
    My pulled out of my ass value for these bikes was about twice as expensive as I thought. I think
    that makes $30,000 – $40,000 NOS 198x CB 900 F, even more ridiculous!
    I think I’d take 10 or 20 nice ones over one NOS…
    But HEY, everybody has to decide for themselves!

    I guess I’ll quit beating a dead horse.

  12. crazy phil says:

    This might be the cream of the crop. Looks close to perfect in the pix. All kinds of extras, 12,000 miles. Ebay auction final. Sold for $2,901.

    Looks like my value for a nice one that I “pulled out of my ass” was overly optimistic for the seller by about a factor of two. That makes the asking price of $40,000 for the NOS CB900 even more ridiculous in MY opinion. I’d take ten or twenty nice ones over one NOS one any day!

    Some people might see it differently!