Not so pretty 1968 Ducati Sebring

How many Classic Sports Bike For Sale fans have started with something like this 1968 Ducati 350 Sebring, and finished with something that even surprises themselves? During the Spring and Summer I always look for bikes that can be sent to me ready to ride. But after daylight savings hits and it starts getting dark at lunch, I always seem to look for the next bike with possibility. Time, Money, more time, more money, waiting for parts to come, getting the UPS guy coming again and again. Ahh the winter rebuild.

From the seller.

NO RESERVE on this 1968 Ducati 350 Sebring fresh out of the barn and untouched. Mostly all there but it’s missing the rear fender, tail light, left side cover, air cleaner, shifter, kicker and primary cover bolts. I don’t know anything about Ducati singles but it looks like a nicely made bike. The engine castings are clean and beautiful, way nicer than British or American bikes. The engine turns over nicely and the chassis is straight and solid. The old tires still hold air. The tin is in pretty good shape except for the front fender. The seat’s pretty good too. It comes with a good PA title. It looks to have had an easy life compared to most I’ve seen and would be an easy restoration. I will not disassemble the bike for shipping. The bike is to be picked up here at my house as it sits. I do know someone nearby that delivers bikes for reasonable prices if that will help. I hope that’s clear enough

My First project was something similar to this. It had not run for 10+ years but had all the parts and pieces. I saw the positive and not the negative. There were special bits and pieces, yeah, but why has it not been run in years? Call the shipper, its mine. 2 years later, and undisclosed (to my wife) amount of money later, I have a very nice bike.

The Ducati Sebring is another Ducati which celebrates the success of Ducati’s on the race track. In 1965 Ducati designed a 350cc bike, the larges Ducati to date and decided to go racing in America. Their choice was the endurance race at Sebring, but because the  350cc bike was too big for the 250cc class, the single cylinder had to fight it out in a class which include up to 700cc bikes. And with an 11th place finish and a win in class, the Sebring was forever named

Usually here on CSBFS we highlight a bike which you can throw your leg over and go. This 1968 Ducati Sebring is a long winter of money and time away from that condition. Let us know if you have braved the project, and feel free to post some before and after pictures on our Facebook page. BB

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