Oddball: 1982 Honda NCZ50B Motocompo Folding Motorcycle

1982 Honda Motocompo L Side

Okay, while the Honda Motocampo folding motorcycle isn’t really a “sportbike”in the traditional sense, I’m not sure there’s a “Weird Vintage Motorcycles For Sale” blog where I can mention this, so I’m posting this up here for fun.

The Honda Motocompo was sold between 1981 and 1983 as a compact commuter scooter to fit into the luggage compartments of subcompact cars, including the Honda City that featured a trunk designed specifically to fit the bike. Folded up for transport, the seat, bars, and pegs disappear into the bodywork and the complete 93lb package looks like a large, wheeled suitcase.

1982 Honda Motocompo L Side Ride

Powered by a 2.5hp, 49cc air-cooled two-stroke motor, the Motocompo is hardly fast, but it was never really intended to be.

Plus, anything you can bring to work and stage races in your office could bring motorsports to a whole new environment… I mean, this bike could open up entirely new audiences to motorcycle racing: your family doesn’t understand why you care about some diminutive Spanish guy who climbs all over his motorcycle at 200mph like a tiny monkey? Give them a knee-down demonstration around your living room during the holidays!

“Honey we’re late: my parents are expecting us for dinner!”

“No problem dear. The gifts are already packed, so I just need to grab my Motocampo and we can go.”

1982 Honda Motocompo bars

From the original eBay listing: 1982 Honda MCZ50B Motocompo for Sale

Honda Motocompo Folding Motorbike NCZ50B. 49cc Honda 2 stroke petrol engine. Manufactured between 1981 and 1983.Oil inject. Automatic clutch. As new condition. Registered for road use in New Zealand but never used. I’ve owned the bike since new.

These have become collectors items now. See You Tube for demo and internet for more information on this. The bike is at my brother’s place in Hamilton, New Zealand but I live in Australia now. I was going to use this for a caravan but will not be needing it now. It has only been driven about one kilometer or less. Can freight at buyers expense. Please contact for shipping estimate.

Engine is oil inject.

Freight to Los Angeles door to door is US$825 by air.

Or you could just fly out to New Zealand yourself and bring it back as carry-on luggage…

These are pretty rare outside of Japan, with only about 53,000 sold, and the starting bid of $3,500 is hardly cheap. But can you put a price on something so entertaining and practical?


1982 Honda Motocompo seat

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