Project or turn key Ducati Single?


There are people who buy motorcycles to ride. And then there are those that buy boxes of motorcycle parts to spend evenings and weekends in their garage putting those pieces together. If you are looking for a 1966 Ducati 250cc single, then those that buy to ride and those who build to ride will both be satisfied.


Not done 1966 Ducati

In this auction we have a 1966 Ducati Monza 250.  This is a rolling project bike and will come with a bill of sale.  The motor turns freely.  It also shifts through all gears.  This will need re-bored and will need a new piston due to rust pitting.  This will also need a clutch.  Despite these small issues, everything else in the motor appears serviceable.  The crankshaft and rod turns smoothly.  We have had the top end off of this and the rod and crankshaft appear to be in good condition. This comes with the correct rear wheel hub and the rolling chassis seen in the picture – this doesn’t come with tins. . . what you see is what you will be getting. This could be a fun project for a custom Ducati 250, or as a donor bike for the parts for an existing ride.



Done 1966 Ducati

Ducati Single 250 Cafe, Road Racer 1966 DM250 91546. The bike was built last year, but I need the money so I have to sell it.  The motor has been gine through with new bearings, gaskets, rings a rebuilt carb and new points.  It runs good and starts good.  The carb could use some work or a new squre slide carb.  The muffler is a little loud, no baffle.  Benelli forks, old school race hubs with air vents and vintage race tires.  There is no title, no title, no title!


Just looking at the bidding history after one day (less then one day) there appear to be more builders then buyers. But there might be other factors. The built one doesn’t appear to have a title. And its not stock. The not done one is likely going to need a few parts sourced, but if you want to go original, that is your choice. With the built one the choice has been made.


Which one are you? BB

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