Purple 1975 Kawasaki H2

How many manufactures can come out with a Purple motorcycle and have it sell? I know the whole “Purple People Eater” was popular during the 1970’s, but this 1975 Kawasaki H2 offered up on eBay now is not just purple, but its two tone purple. And reading the stream of consciousnesses description given by the seller, it appears to be all original, well almost.

From the seller

This is one of the most Original H2’s I have ever seen. Frame # H2F-42719 Engine # H2E 42997 Build Date 11/74 1975 H2 750 Triple! in Kawasaki Purple. the Bike is Original and completely unrestored! it has 4972 miles on it and starts and runs perfectly

the bike is 100% original and nothing has been changed or altered other than the stock air box which was replaced with pods right off the show room floor.

the bike has the original Sales Receipt from NEW! and owners manual and he original key. also the complete original tool kit (unused) and the plastic spark plug holder under the seat. with the plugs in it.

The 750cc H2 as you can imagine is an evolution of the 500cc H1, but was a new design and not just boring out the earlier cylinders. What they ended up with is 748cc developing 75hp at 6500rpm with the first bikes in 1972. But with a flexible frame, and limited contact patch because of period rubber, the early H2 was given a nick name which helped and hurt in the PR development. This 1975 H2 offered up on eBay is an evolution which included a better frame design and a de-tuned engine. With the last two years of production, you would only get 71hp for this 423lb bike.

More from the seller

The 1975 H2 was the Last year of the Big Triple Widowmaker! and fewer than 5000 were produced – making it the rarest of the H2’s and in Time I believe this will become far more collectible than the early 1972 H2’s Due to its low production by Kawasaki-. it is by far a Better Handling bike and I prefer its lines and design more than the early style H2.

When straight line speed was king in the US, the H2 was King of Kings. This was a motorcycle which someone matched up against a Dodge Hemi ‘Cuda and won. Selling straight line ability was all that was needed, for both cars and bikes during this time, and the H2 sold well. The seller took a lot of large format pictures’ and they show a bike that is in very good condition, but as mentioned it is purple, so bid according to your ability to handle the power of purple. BB

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  1. crazy phil says:

    Sweeeeet find Brian!
    Pur-dy purple! How duz Kawi make colors that would look atrocious on other bikes, like purple and lime green, look so hot on their own???? Judging by the tread patterns… those almost look like stock tires… WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING WILL ROBINSON!!