Reader’s Ride: 1972 Laverda 750SF for Sale

1972 Laverda 750SF Gold R Side

Regular readers know I’m a fan of the tough-but-sensitive machines that were made by Laverda, before they went the way of the dinosaur. They just seem to have the right combination of butch engineering and overbuilt construction, wrapped in simple, elegant style that suggests a hardened thug in a custom-tailored suit. This particular example was submitted by one of our loyal readers and looks to be well worth your consideration.

Laverda started out making agricultural machinery in Breganze, Italy, and their history of rugged, overbuilt engineering solutions bled through into their motorcycles: the parallel twin found in the 750SF had five main bearings! Parts not manufactured by Laverda were all selected for their quality and reliability: Ceriani suspension, Bosch ignition components and a Japanese Nippon-Denso starter. The big Laverdas were always a bit on the heavy side, owing to their heavy construction, but had stable handling and made great endurance racing machines.

Early bikes like this one had either a Laverda drum brake or a magnesium Ceriani four leading shoe front brake. This giant drum actually gave the SF its name: “Super Freni”.

1972 Laverda 750SF Gold Wheel

From the original eBay listing: 1972 Laverda 750SF for Sale

From the seller:

1972 Laverda twin cylinder 750 SF. This is the model with the huge Laverda designed front drum brake. Electric start, starts first time with choke, easy low loping idle after short warm up.

Pulls from 1000 rpm like a locomotive and howls at crusing speed. Custom 2 into one exhaust and larger 36 mm Delortro carbs. An over built, bullet proof reliable italian masterpiece.

Works shocks and all stainless bolts and fasteners. No wrench marks. Small chip in paint on tank as shown in the video and pix.

Manuals, parts list and spare head set with cam and valves included.

All electrics and mechanical work and feel “right”.

Purchased in Feb. from John Falloon at Made in Italy Motorcycles in the UK.

Texas plates, registration and title.

1972 Laverda 750SF Gold Dash

He’s also helpfully included a link to YouTube of the bike starting and running from cold.

Bidding is up to $3,350.00 which is well south of where this one will likely end up. It’s a gorgeous machine and, while I still prefer my Laverdas in vivid orange, this is a very classy shade of gold that really flatters the bike and isn’t quite as shout-y.


1972 Laverda 750SF Gold Engine

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