Santa? You checking that list? 1973 Ducati 750 GT

HHhhMMmm. Somebody is about to have an excellent holiday.

1973 Ducati 750 GT For Sale on eBay

From the seller:

For sale is my 74 Ducati 750 GT, manufacture date 1973.

The GT has new paint on the tank and side covers. The frame is in the original paint with some blemishes mostly out of sight. The seat is re-upholstered and I had the original silk screen Ducati stitched into the back. The back panel can be easily replaced with a new complete new silk screened section if desired.

Smooth dependable running engine which had the heads built by Woods in California back in the late 1980’s or early 90’s. The speedometer shows 24,5xx miles on it and the GT uses no oil. Runs through the gears fine.

I’ve Por 15 sealed the tank and put in new petcocks and new fuel lines.

Ignition is through Dyna electronic and new dyna coils. Battery is new and the charging system is in good shape.

New replica Dash in fiberglass, which I feel, is better than the original plastic which cracked early on. Also the gauges have new mounting dampers installed and are in good working order with a new speedometer drive. The dash does not have the original switch but has a toggle switch which does the job.

The GT was rewired by my cousin back in the late 80’s and does not use the original Aprilia fuse block. Though I have the original Aprilia fuse block cover in excellent condition. I

The wheels are the correct Borrani and came new on the GT. Tires are like new Michelins with low miles. I put them on new last spring with new inner tubes.

The original Conti exhaust was re-chromed by Brown’s Plating and it is a great job. There are some dents in the right hand Conti and the dings were not pulled when plated because Brown’s did not know whom to recommend to fix the dings. The exhaust polished out perfect but still shows the dings. The head pipes and cross over were also re-chromed. The original Conti inscription is clearly visible and did not diminish in clarity with the re-plating.

The current carburetors are Mikuni flat slide 36mm and the GT runs excellently with them. I also have the Del’Ortos in 32 mm which I’ve rebuilt completely. They seemed to still have a problem at steady throttle on the road and I think it was the enrichment plungers of which I’ve just received a new pair. The enrichment cables and lever are on the handler bars still.  The handle bars are new Super bike bars and they give a good seating position for the bike. Very close to positioning of the original bars.

The brakes are new Brembo master and calipers. They work excellent. I do have the original Scarab caliper but it needs a rebuild.

New steering head bearings and wheel bearings checked out good. New chain and sprocket and other small bits.

There is one small section of a cooling fin missing on the vertical cylinder.

There is a scratch/dent on the front stainless finder which could be fixed and polished out I’m sure. I do not have the original side stand though I am in the process of trying to reproduce a replica one.

You can hear it run!

I think I could put the exhaust note of these older Ducatis on my iPod and listen to them all day. This bike has had a few fixes and replacements so I wouldn’t expect the final price to be at the very top.

I’m speechless.


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  1. God, that sounds beautiful. *drool*