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Everything Old is New: 1975 Ducati 860GT Super Sport

1975 Ducati 860GT SS R Side Front

Prices of Ducati’s somewhat maligned 860GT have risen to a point where bikes like this vibrant-green resto-mod stuffed full of desmodromic L-twin make sense.

While it may be hard to accept, by the mid-1970’s the styling of the Ducati’s now-classic 750GT had become a bit dated. So how do you follow up such an impressive debut? Well, in an effort to modernize their style, Ducati brought in Giorgetto Giugiaro to pen some new lines for the old dog. But while Giugiaro has designed some of the most stunning cars of all time, his bikes have been somewhat more… Controversial. A bit like Pierre Terblanche, his restyled bike was not well liked when it was introduced, and until very recently, the 860GT was the only affordable way into bevel-drive Ducati ownership. Many have been fitted with 750GT tanks and side panels or fairings to create SS replicas. This bike actually goes the other way, and uses an uprated 900SS motor in a bike that features the original, classic lines and distinctive 70’s green.

1975 Ducati 860GT SS L Side

The 900SS actually had the same 864cc displacement as the 860GT, but the heads used Ducati’s signature desmodromic valve actuation, while the 860GT just used regular old valve springs…

1975 Ducati 860GT SS Engine Detail

From the original eBay listing: 1975 Ducati 860GT with 900SS Engine for Sale

From BevelTech Engineering – a completely restored and rebuilt 1975 Ducati 860 GT fitted with a 1975 900 Desmo Supersport Engine – also fully rebuilt and refreshed.

The accompanying photos will give an indication as to the quality of this build – suffice to say that with 4 decades of bevel drive experience by a professional Engineer, this is no schoolboy lash-up.

Should the bike be sold locally, a 12 month unlimited kilometer warranty on the engine and running gear will be provided.

Approximately a hundred kilometers since completion.

There are modifications too numerous to list. Be assured that the bike runs, handles and stops as you would expect. It is, in every respect, as new and this is reflected in the reserve price.

Many more photos of the engine rebuild available – eBay only allows for 24 in the listing. Just ask.

Shipping worldwide at buyers expense – $1,000 AUD deposit upon successful purchase. Balance by bank transfer prior to collection – the usual.

No doubt questions aplenty – please ask.

*** Note: rear Ohlins shown have been found to leak and as no rebuild kit is available and the dealer would not honour warranty, shocks have been replaced with rebuilt Marzocchi remote reservoir air units.

1975 Ducati 860GT SS Side Panel

It’s a shame about the Öhlins shocks, but the replacement Marzocchis should do the job nicely. While the loss of more traditional skinny wheels and tires [or is that “tyres”] is a shame in terms of looks, the performance benefits of radial rubber can’t be overstated, and should also make it much easier to find a good selection locally. Grippier rubber should also allow the rider to make use of the modern front brake set up and improve safety significantly.

Otherwise, this is a very interesting combination, and it’s nice to see someone celebrating Giugiaro’s angular style instead of simply doing another SS-style job or boring café conversion.

1975 Ducati 860GT SS L Side Front

There’s plenty of time left on the auction, and at $10,300 I’m not surprised the reserve hasn’t been met. With values of all bevel-drive Ducatis steadily rising, importing this to the US from Australia would be worth the chore. Just swap that mirror across to the other bar!


1975 Ducati 860GT SS R Side



Black and Gold Part III: 1975 Ducati 860GT

1975 Ducati 860GT Mod R Side

We feature a great many beautiful classics and original Ducatis on this site. This one’s maybe more of a mongrel than the other two thoroughbreds from earlier this week, but who doesn’t love a mutt? As long as modifications are made in the spirit of the bike, and can be reversed, what does it really matter?

Resto-mod style improvements and updates may damage collectability and originality, but they just improve ridability. With the Ducati 860GT, collectability isn’t so much an issue yet and, if you want membership in Club Bevel, this is basically your ONLY relatively affordable option.

While the angular lines are distinctive and fresh now, they were considered a bit scandalous at the time, a shocking affront to Ducati’s traditional clientele. Which is a bit odd, considering how innovation and cutting-edge design is how a small concern like Ducati can successfully compete with the Big Boys from Japan. You’d think they’d be more forward-thinking than that…

1975 860GT Details

Produced in 1974 and 1975 as Ducati’s entry-level v-twin, they sold well at the time, and their relative availability, combined with their somewhat less-desirable status, makes them relatively affordable today. Although, like all the bevel-drive twins, they’re headed north in terms of value.

From the original eBay listing: 1975 Ducati Other (Bevel) for Sale

Kick only – correct high dollar cover

Silver powder coat as is swing arm
New pivot tube
Chain case saver
Has all fork stops
Frame modified for Ducati seat – kick up rear remove
Has frame lock but must be installed
Side stand and center stand

Ducati black with gold stripe

GTS model all seams have been filled and smoothed
Color is true black – most black paints have brown in the formula
Correct gas cap

New tires
Excel Sun rims – Buchananan spokes

SS front brake line
Correct master cylinder with correct filler cap

New gaskets seals
Std bore
Sludge trap cleaned

This particular bike looks to be a bit of a “bitsa”, but is clean and sharp. Clearly, whoever put this together wasn’t a fan of the 860’s Giugiaro-designed angularity, since it chucks the original tank for the later GTS model, lost the matching side panels for earlier Sport-style pieces, and is generally going for a more classic look.

1975 Ducati 860GT Engine

It needs a bit of work still, from the original listing: the fuel line is not yet installed and the dash lights still need to be wired up. It looks like all the important work has gone into the bike, so this could be a perfect chance to pick up someone’s 95% finished project for much less than it would cost to replicate. It’s not perfectly original, but that wouldn’t bother me in the least, if the price makes it attractive.

The lack of originality may hurt resale value in the long run, although a bike like this shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a chance to make an investment, but instead as the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a classic for a relatively low cost. Of course “low price” is relative: bidding is active and the reserve has not been met yet, so we’ll see just how “affordable” this bike ends up being…

Interestingly, of the three black-and-gold Ducatis I’ve posted this week, this is the one I’d most like to own. I’d probably just get it running, then have someone fab up a dash to house a nice, white-faced MotoGadget gauge, wire that up, and call it a day.


1975 Ducati 860GT Mod L Front

1980 Ducati Darmah for Sale

1980 Ducati Darmah L Side

Resplendent in black with gold lettering and striping, this Ducati Darmah was one of the last of the bevel-drive v-twin Ducatis, before the introduction of the belt-drive Pantah series. Introduced in 1977 after the 860 failed to ignite the loins of Ducatisti, the Darmah was styled relatively conservatively, but handsomely. It also included the usual evolutionary developments, including an electric starter.

1980 Ducati Darmah Dash

A bike for real roads, not the racetracks most of these bikes will, let’s be honest, never see, the Darmah is sexy and practical in ways a SuperSport is not. As gorgeous as the SS may be, you can’t really deny the appeal of a bit of comfort, style that isn’t trying too hard to convince, and the ability to carry a sexy young thing on the back. Or a sexy old thing, if you happen to have one of those on hand.

1980 Ducati Darmah Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1980 Ducati Darmah for Sale

Up for auction is a beautiful 2 owner 1980 Ducati Darmah SD900. I believe it to actually be a 1979 that was first sold and registered in the US in 1980. This is based on the engine number and the the stamp inside the storage compartment at the rear of the bike as seen in the last picture. This original, unmolested, matching numbers motorcycle runs and rides perfectly. It has the original paint which is flawless on the tank and has only a couple of minor scratches on the top of the side covers. This is not quite a show bike as it has some minor surface rust on a few nuts and bolts however it is a super clean example of this model that could be brought up to concourse condition easily. Comes with the original owners manual.

Currently registered in California through the end of June 2014.
Original Speedline wheels in perfect condition.
Brand new NOS Conti pipes. Also comes with original Silentium pipes.
36mm Dell Orto carbs.
Brand New Avon Road Rider tires.
Brand New battery.

1980 Ducati Darmah Conti

Bidding is up to $10,000 with three days left. This one looks like it’s ready to ride, with fresh tires and a new battery. For a while, Darmahs were pretty affordable, as far as bevel-drive twins went. But no more: with a bit more cache than the 860, they’re really just a rung or two below the 750GT and, like all bevels, increasing in value.

This is actually my favorite era of Ducati graphics. The current logo leaves me very cold, but this parallel-line design is so classic, sporty, and clean. I personally love modern Ducatis done up in this style.


1980 Ducati Darmah R Side

1975 Ducati 860GT for Sale in San Francisco!

1975 Ducati 860GT L Side

With round-case and SS models steadily headed into unobtanium territory, nice 860GT’s are rapidly becoming the only remotely-affordable Ducati bevel-drive twins.

They weren’t especially successful when launched: Ducatisti were traditionalists, even back then, and Giugiaro’s [yeah, that Giugiaro, of Lotus Esprit and Maserati Ghibli fame] styling was a bit too modern, a bit too angular.

1975 Ducati 860GT Front1975 Ducati 860GT Front WheelSo they made enough 860GT’s to make them relatively common, and they’re generally much less desirable than the round-case and SS models, making them relatively affordable.

The angular looks may be an acquired taste, but the heart beats with the classic Ducati v-twin, thumping out 65hp from its 864cc’s, and this particular example even has the dual-disc front end, for additional stopping power.

From the original eBay listing: 1975 Ducati 860GT for Sale

Very , very clean driver with approx. 18,000 miles Many , Many new parts , New Exell wheels aluminum with shoulder rims with SS spokes new bearings , & newer Pirelli demand sport tires . new tech. digital Saches ignition  & adjustable voltage regulator , sealed battery new style bayonet fuses & box & still have the tool tray. New duel front brake set up with new f08 brake calibers & EBC rotors . The clutch is a new HD Surflex clutch & springs , freshly rebuilt PHE 32 Dellortos & a nice set of Conti style Bubb mufflers, a new pair of K/N air filters & new fuel taps & filters & lines & also an SS engine bolt kit , I forgot the new Dyna coils & wires. All new handle bar switches which are original equipment. & every cable is new as well . The shocks are new Ikon chrome springs & black body with a freshly powder coated swing arm, the front forks have new progressive springs along with new seals & fork oil & new dust covers , also forgot the new SS complete brake line kit , the gauges are freshly rebuilt by Palo Alto speedo & also the gauge pod is a new repop that’s way better than the OME .the tank & fenders are a 1-2 footer & the side covers are freshly powder coated along with the center stand & the side stand , the muffler brackets & other powder coated bits , all the springs are SS & a new chrome kick starter

So far, we’re up to $5,100 with the reserve not met.

This looks like it might be a really great bike, but the listing is let down by low-quality pictures.  Which is very disappointing, because these are great entry-level classic Ducatis.

If that isn’t a contradiction in terms.  I happen to like the look and, although they don’t have the Desmodromic valve gear of the SS and Sports, I’m pretty sure I could live with traditional valve springs.


1975 Ducati 860GT R Side


1976 Ducati 860 GT for Sale

1976 Ducati 860GT Yellow L Front

Just a couple days ago, we posted one of the classic “round-case” Ducatis.  Today, we have the later follow-up model, the 860GT, dressed in very cool but slightly faded period colors. The sharp creases of the new bodywork and engine cases were penned by Giorgetto Guigiaro, clearly in the same angular design headspace as when he designed the original Lotus Esprit and VW Golf/Rabbit.  Perhaps if he’d been channeling the same muse as when he designed the gorgeous Maserati Ghibli and DeTomaso Mangusta, the 860GT would have been better received…

These are pretty elegant-looking bikes, but it’s clear that Ducati fans can be a conservative bunch: when the bike was introduced, the styling was very polarizing and this was reflected in disappointing sales.   But sinking sales and a financially- imperiled Ducati just mean that modern collectors in search of vintage style and impeccable pedigree  can pick one of these up at a much more reasonable cost.

1976 Ducati 860GT Yellow R Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1976 Ducati 860GT for Sale

Up for auction is a 1976 Ducati 860 GT. A very nice original bike. Has 18,224 actual miles. Runs great and shifts through all  gears. Chrome on exhaust, wheels and other small parts is typical Italian chrome with some blistering and some loss. All the paint is original. Fenders are faded. Tank and side covers are nice with tank only having one small ding on the rt side and some chip from normal use. Has been sitting without fuel and was put away as a running bike with no known problems other than the tachometer is broken. Light switches on the bars have been replaced but work. Small ding in the bezel of the speedometer. Tires are Conti Blitz and are like new. Mufflers are stock and not dented or rusted out.

1976 Ducati 860GT Yellow R Engine

In spite of it’s relatively controversial styling, Ducati still managed to make and sell plenty of these, so availability and the less classic looks have kept prices relatively low. Although with the round-case model values headed ever upward, prices for these are also increasing.


1976 Ducati 860GT Yellow R Rear

1979 Ducati 900 GTS For Sale

If you’re looking to get into classic Ducati ownership, you can’t do much better than the 900 GTS.  The bike was basically an update of the 860GT: it used the same 864cc engine, but had a redesigned fuel tank with softened, more conventional lines.  The new styling was intended to recover some ground lost upon the introduction of that model: when new, the the 860GT was considered very controversial and the bike did not sell as well as hoped.

It was originally penned by the very talented Giorgetto Giugiaro, famous designer of some of the most beautiful and iconic cars of all time, including the original Lotus Esprit, Maserati Ghibli, and DeTomaso Mangusta.  Giugiaro’s designs were revolutionary, but the 860GT was not well-received so, after a couple years, Ducati decided to update the looks.

The 860GT/900GTS bikes were intended to be a bread-and-butter models for Ducati and these are not nearly the costly investment the SS bikes generally are.  They may not have the racer-looks of the faired SS, but you still get the classic Ducati V-twin, thumping out 65hp.

From the original eBay listing: 1979 Ducati 900 GTS For Sale

This bike has been completely restored over a 3-year period with all original Ducati parts. It is in mint condition with only 15,000 original miles. It has brand new Avon tires, and it growls mean because it came originally with “Bubba” custom pipes from the 1970’s. This was the last bevel drive 900GTS manufactured. The throttle cable recently frayed, and I haven’t had a chance to fix it. According to my mechanic, it’s a simple repair with a minimal cost.

A few other details to note. The bike is roughly 65% original, unrestored. I left the paint original even though there is a small, vertical indentation on the clutch (left) side of the tank, far forward, well in front of the Ducati logo within the thick silver stripe area. It should be viewable in the pictures provided.

The reference to “Bubba custom pipes” may mean that the bike has vintage BUB exhausts, although it’s hard to see in the photos.  Today, BUB focuses on the cruiser crowd, but the company made exhausts for many sporting European brands back in the 1970’s and these pipes have a typical Conti conical style.

I’m also not sure just how much of the bike has been refreshed: the first section of the text mentions it’s been “completely restored” and the second paragraph mentions it’s “65% original, unrestored.”  From the photos, it looks like the second description is more accurate.

All-in-all, a very cool ride that could be ridden as-is or used as the basis for a custom machine.


1976 Bevel Drive 860 GT NCR Café Replica Special

Slab-sided and so very 70’s, this is a pretty trick bike.  It sports a one-piece tank and tail-section from NCR, and the bike looks like a vintage racetrack refugee, excepting the headlights and turn signals.

Never heard of NCR?  Well you’ve seen an NCR bike before.  Take a look at the top of this page: the masthead bike is the IOM Ducati raced by Mike Hailwood and developed by NCR.

Founded in 1967 in the western suburbs of Bologna the company has built Ducati-based specials for many years and has been very active in all levels of racing.  These days, they also make significantly lightened [?!] Ducati Desmosedicis, hyper-exotic, carbon and titanium confections for the well-heeled enthusiast.  But don’t fret: if you’re not able to pony up the if-you-have-to-ask you might need for a carbon-framed M16, you can browse their catalog of titanium and carbon jewelry made for more pedestrian Ducatis.







Take a look here for the original eBay listing: 1976 Bevel Drive 860 GT NCR Café Replica Special

The ad lists a bunch of the significant updates and modifications to the original 860GT on which this bike is based:


The seller also helpfully includes a clip of it running:

There are six full days left on the auction as of this writing with no bidding activity and I really have no idea how high this will go.  It’s a custom project and not at all original, but is well put together and includes some very rare and valuable parts.