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Honda RC 172 tribute

I know I just recently posted this CR750 tribute, but this is really well executed as well. My default is to always give preference to mostly stock and original bikes for this site, but on the other hand, when they’re this well done why not?!

1974 Honda CB350 Four RC172 Tribute For Sale on eBay

Bidding is off to a slow start and hasn’t cracked $3k with 5 days remaining, reserve not met obviously.


From the seller:

Wow selling with mixed emotions my RC 172 tribute bike. It has all the right pieces that are next to impossible to get now….covid and wait times! Started as a super clean 350/4.
Swarbrick hand formed exhausts, Holtzwork hand formed aluminum alloy tank, 4 shoe brake, tarrozzi rear sets, NOS switch gear and grips, proper high shoulder alloy rims, cleaned-up electrics, fresh top end, tuned-up and reliable and ready to ride. Too much to list! Buyer will get full build pics.

Additional information: Yes the bike has removable baffles. If you want that Haliwood wail at 10rpm you can have it!
Yes that is a custom aluminum alloy triple. It’s a work of art.
There is a custom spot for the shorai battery under the seat. You have easy access to the trickle charger wire.

Front vented brake is off of a (period correct) water buffalo. It stops this little bike beautifully. I love the progressive feel as you trail brake into corners.

More questions

The front brake is a 4LS from a Suzuki GT750 – depending upon condition they sell for $500-1000 USD.

Holtzwork alloy tank with Monza cap- 1050 GBP plus shipping/taxes

Front forks from a 70’s CB550- stronger and a perfect upgrade path

Yes you could go to pods instead of Velocity stacks. Carbs will need slight retune.

Yes the original front fender has been worked to be visually more similar to RC fender. You could take it a step further and remove the rolled edge.

Yes this bike would qualify as period correct for vintage road racing.

1972 Honda CB500 Cafe From SpeedWerks

1972 Honda CB500 For Sale

Our friends at SpeedWerks have this recently completed and very sharp Honda CB500 cafe available. As you can see from the before and after pictures, their shop is well known for a reason. Over the years we have posted probably a dozen of their prepared rides on RSBFS. And the best part is that this bike is going to sell. Current bid is $2251 with a bit over 3 days to go. Good luck to buyer and seller!


1972 Honda CB500 For Sale on eBay


quote from the seller:

Here we have a fun project that needs a good home. This was a well cared for CB500 that we took completely down and rebuilt/replaced every single component.
We have WAY more time and money in it than it will bring, so our loss is your gain.
It would be a great “cool’ bike to blast around on. You wont have any trouble finding it in the parking lot at your local Bike Night!
We documented the entire build, there are 72 picture’s and video’s in the link:



The bike was complete,It was totally disassembled and then the resto started, the engine was rebuilt (didn’t need it but oh well). All new gaskets,rings,clutch etc.
The engine covers were all cleaned,polished,painted and or Powder coated. It run’s like a dream and there is no smoke or leak’s. ..see video..
Carbs were completely rebuilt/jetted and new pod filters fitted. battery is a new YTZ7 sealed unit. Charging system is good,all new ignition parts fitted.
The frame and swing arm were powder coated in a brilliant silver metallic. Forks were rebuilt and lower leg’s rhino coated,new gator’s installed.
The rear shocks are Brand New by Progressive (series 12 magnum). The Superbike bar’s are new and updated/late model brake master and clutch installed.
Wheels are stock with New Tire’s and Tubes. Brakes are new and both sprockets. The Chain is a New Chrome DID 530 ZVM.
We made some billet foot peg’s for it, installed some bar end mirror’s and new grips. All wiring was gone thru and redone,everything functions as it should.
Chrome on fenders is original and in good nick. Tank and covers professionally painted in gloss black and the seat was recovered.






1975 BMW R90/6 Cafe Racer for Sale

Until recently, there weren’t too many BMW’s one might think of as “sportbikes”: a period review said that the R90/6 roadster had “the power delivery of a steam engine and the longevity of a locomotive.”  Sporting a longitudinally-mounted, horizontally opposed twin and shaft drive, the bikes have a strong touring character.

So not exactly lithe and sexy.

But the dorky Bavarian twins have somehow found a place in today’s hipster-nerd biking culture as the quirkier, more sensible and responsible alternative to buying a Moto Guzzi.  And since some of the more common models are still relatively affordable, the custom and café-racer scene has taken a shine to them.

This particular example sports a very desirable R90S dual-disc front end to cure braking that was fairly unimpressive even when the bike was new and some nice Dunstall-replica mufflers.  In place of the usual dash is a slick little Acewell digital unit, sort of a poor-man’s MotoGadget.

From the original eBay listing: 1975 R90/6 BMW Cafe Racer

The gas tank and front fender are original paint with lots of cool patina. There are some bumps and bruises but overall this bike has a great look.

I have been build custom BMW motorcycles, restorations and sidecars for over 20 years. I bought this bike to build something fun/cool out of because it was super original but missing some of the bigger ticket items to replace like the instruments.With hundreds of thousands of miles on BMW Airheads and have never ridden an R90 that was this fast.

I have done my best to explain this bike but it is a used bike that is 37 years old and was not a restoration. If I have not mentioned something it is probably because I didn’t think of it. The rear tire has a lot of tread but is looking a little old. Ask lots of questions.

It always gives me confidence when a seller encourages me to bug him and ask about what’s being offered.  It’s also pretty cool when they post a nice video clip.  I keep thinking it might be pretty cool to pick something like this up: it’s not real fast, but it looks like fun.


1976 Bevel Drive 860 GT NCR Café Replica Special

Slab-sided and so very 70’s, this is a pretty trick bike.  It sports a one-piece tank and tail-section from NCR, and the bike looks like a vintage racetrack refugee, excepting the headlights and turn signals.

Never heard of NCR?  Well you’ve seen an NCR bike before.  Take a look at the top of this page: the masthead bike is the IOM Ducati raced by Mike Hailwood and developed by NCR.

Founded in 1967 in the western suburbs of Bologna the company has built Ducati-based specials for many years and has been very active in all levels of racing.  These days, they also make significantly lightened [?!] Ducati Desmosedicis, hyper-exotic, carbon and titanium confections for the well-heeled enthusiast.  But don’t fret: if you’re not able to pony up the if-you-have-to-ask you might need for a carbon-framed M16, you can browse their catalog of titanium and carbon jewelry made for more pedestrian Ducatis.







Take a look here for the original eBay listing: 1976 Bevel Drive 860 GT NCR Café Replica Special

The ad lists a bunch of the significant updates and modifications to the original 860GT on which this bike is based:


The seller also helpfully includes a clip of it running:

There are six full days left on the auction as of this writing with no bidding activity and I really have no idea how high this will go.  It’s a custom project and not at all original, but is well put together and includes some very rare and valuable parts.


1964 Norton Café for Sale

One of my riding buddies has recently been bitten by the Britbike bug and brought this machine to my attention.  It’s a really neat example of why I like these sorts of café bikes: like old American muscle cars, you can mix and match and really make them your own, if you’re not particularly concerned with originality and don’t subscribe the insidious Numbers Matching club.

This particular example appears to have a 1964 Norton Atlas frame stuffed full of 750 Commando goodness and is festooned with all of the best period Rocker bling.

The change to the Commando engine is not explained by the seller, but the bike would likely receive the same benefits as the Commando when compared to the Atlas: improved center of gravity, increased space for carburetors, and rakish good looks.

Of course, without the Commando’s Isolastic frame to control the big twin’s vibration, numb hands might be an issue…

It’s hard to say what sort of performance this bike has for sure and the seller makes no claims, but a healthy Norton twin should make 50-odd hp, enough to comfortably keep up with modern traffic and provide plenty of back-road entertainment.

The original add includes a list of recent maintenance that has been done and a link to a page of excellent, high-quality images:

1964 Norton Café for Sale on eBay

The ad also includes an video of the bike being offered:


At the time of this writing, the bidding is up to $4050.00 with the reserve not yet met.  No surprise, given the apparent quality of the bike on offer.