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Italian Stunner: 1977 Ducati Super Sport 900SS

For Sale: 1977 Ducati Supersport 900SS

When it comes to classic sport bikes – the kind with real money behind them – it rarely gets better than a Ducati Super Sport. Sure, this is not the much sought after green framed 750, but the upside here is that the 900 variant is a much better rider; after all, there is no replacement for displacement.

From the seller:
1977 Ducati 900 Super Sport is being sold for the owner by the company that restored the bike. This is a numbers matching motorcycle. The bike was totally restored in 2006 down to every nut and bolt, well documented. All restoration parts that were needed were purchased at Bevel Heaven in CA. The frames has been powder coated to the correct color, customer requested the wheels be powder coats black. The engine was freshened up in 1990 by the previous owner- new pistons and rings, valves redone. 10.1-5 ratio. The bike was been driven less than 1,000 miles since been restored. This bike was stored and properly put to bed until one week ago- May16 2011 refilled fuel tank, changed oil, drained and replaced brake fluid, installed new battery and dusted off carburetors -the bike started second kick. All tires, brakes, lights and drivetrain are in proper working order at this time. This bike is ready to ride. Email with any questions. ALL SYSTEMS GO!

Bikes this beautiful are very easy to write up – one can simply let the pictures do the talking! And the pictures certainly do tell quite the story. It is clear that a great deal of effort and resources were expended in the resto-mods done here. There is an interesting mix of period-correct clean up coupled with modern technology restoration techniques. And while the results are certainly stunning, purists might judge the outcome differently. As a motorcycle can only be original once in its life, this bike will forever be a “restored” model – or worse yet, an “over restored” model.

I, for one, will not judge this bike so harshly. Motorcycles are meant to be ridden and enjoyed – and the work done on this one makes that possible. There is no doubt that the visual aspect of the bike is fantastic. The new owner of this no reserve auction will receive a bike worthy of show AND go – all for less than it would take to do the restoration work yourself. Big thanks to RSBFS/CSBFS reader Happy Zero for pointing this one out.

For all the info and pictures, . The bidding is only up to $13,100 at the time of this writing, and there is NO reserve; someone is going home with a gorgeous bike! Look over the pictures, watch the auction progress, and let us know what you think. Good Luck!


1982 Ducati 600 TL Pantah

For Sale: 1982 Ducati 600 TL Pantah

From the land of Canada comes this fantastic looking Ducati 600 TL – and yes, the styling is straight from the 1980s. This bike has almost no miles and is a relatively rare model given Ducati’s meager importation into America during this timeframe. As befitting such a “nearly new” bike, the condition appears to be flawless and it is clear that the owner has fawned over this bike with great care.

From the seller:
New Ducati 600 TL with original 2.9 miles. This is truly an unbelievable find! A must for a serious Ducati collector! I bought this bike from the original stocking Ducati dealer. It comes with books, tools, parts manual, original sales brochure and two sets of keys. The former Ducati dealer told me that in 1982 20 TL’s came to the US, and this is one of the 20. This bike has never been driven and the battery was never filled. It is in excellent condition and has always been stored inside! It has Conti mufflers and 36 Din dell’Orto carbs. It still has a US Title.

The Pantah was the successor to the popular bevel drive line of Ducati v-twins. With it, Ducati introduced a new method of driving the desmo valve actuation (via toothed rubber belts) that continues to this day. The real benefit was in manufacturing; while the bevel drives required painstaking work to shim and adjust, the belts were easily and quickly adjustable – speeding up production.

This seller has posted some great pics of the bike, and it certainly looks the “near new” part. But it begs a question: What is with Candadians parking their bikes inside the house? This is not the first time we have seen “housebroken” bikes, as evidenced by this post on our sister site, RareSportBikesForSale.com. Still, if this is the way one keeps a bike looking this clean and new, I wish more sellers engaged in this practice!

This auction is current right now, with an opening ask of $7,750. That seems a bit steep for a 600 TL, but then we really haven’t seen any in this condition on CSBFS or RSBFS. If you are looking for that investment in a classic Ducati – and don’t mind this isn’t a green-framed 750 SS or later black/gold 900 SS – then this could be the bike for you. There are many more great pictures and more details available – and check it all out. Tell ’em CSBFS sent you!