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Same Owner from New:1975 Yamaha TA125 for Sale


1975 Yamaha TA125 L Side

The TA125 was Yamaha’s over-the-counter production roadracer built between 1971 and 1975. Prior to the TA, racers who rode Yamahas bought stock YAS1 or AS2’s and converted them to track specification using GYT factory race kits that included a comprehensive package of go-fast bits. But the finished bikes were ultimately limited by frames and suspension geometry designed for road use, and performance was not on par with class leaders.

1975 Yamaha TA125 Dash

The TA that followed wasn’t really a full racing bike like its bigger 250 and 350cc siblings, and was really a half-hearted effort: many parts were shared with the roadgoing AS3, making it a sort of “factory racing AS3” than a pure race bike, although this did make maintaining the TA125 a much less expensive proposition and the bikes were popular with privateers.

1975 Yamaha TA125 Rear wheel

This particular example is currently being offered for sale by the same family that has owned it from new. Like most bikes that have seen serious race track use, it’s not dead stock, having been upgraded during its racing career to remain competitive, although the upgrades are obviously period appropriate and designed to enhance racetrack performance.

1975 Yamaha TA125 Front Brake

From the original eBay listing: 1975 Yamaha TA125 for Sale

This motorcycle was one of two bought new by my father in 1977 from Twin-K Yamaha in Detroit Michigan. They were shipped to Venezuela where we lived. My brother raced it in the 1978 Venezuelan Grand Prix of the FIM World Championship qualifying 19th (first TA). I later rode it in AHRMA in the United States. I rebuilt/restored the bike about 10 years ago, rebuilt crank (new rods and bearings), new cases, pistons, rings, seals and rolled it into my dining room. It has a Fontana 4-leading shoe drum brake as was raced in the GP. The rims are not original, most everyone went with wider WM-3 rims to take advantage of the new Dunlops. It also has a box section swingarm and Koni shocks. I can’t remember who made the swingarm. The bike needs some odds and ends. Front brake lever and perch, plug cap, rear brake cable spring, shift link rod. Frame # 400-990258. When I did the motor I used a NOS set of cases I had. The matching number engine cases #AS3-990258, original front brake, and standard shocks will be provided. I have some fairings laying around.

1975 Yamaha TA125 L Side Engine

Interestingly, with just under two days left on the auction and a starting bid of $10,000 there are no nibbles as yet. While it may not have had a famous rider, it’s pretty cool that the entire history of the bike is known, and the guy selling it is the guy who raced it. But perhaps the price is a bit too rich? Or maybe they’re picking up on a “maybe I don’t really want to sell this bike” vibe from the seller? I know that it’d be hard to part with something like this if I’d put blood and sweat into competing on it…

Regardless, make an offer and maybe he’ll bite: this one is ready for display, or set it up for vintage racing.


1975 Yamaha TA125 Tail

1978 Benelli 500 Quattro Race Replica for Sale

1978 Benelli 500 Quattro Front R

As with so many classic makers of wonderful, evocative machines, Benelli has almost been forgotten.  Which is especially ironic, since they’re still technically making bikes.  Weird, butch triples with acid-trip styling and impossible to obtain parts, sure.  But they’re still making them.

Classic Benellis were less gratuitously odd, but still very desirable machines, and it’s a shame they’ve been largely forgotten: Benelli is one of the oldest Italian motorcycle manufacturers, starting in Pesaro in 1911 the company was started by the widowed mother of six sons, who was hoping to insure stable employment for her family.  Initially Benelli was just a repair shop, but they introduced their first new motorcycle in 1919 and, with Tonino Benelli riding, the firm won a number of championships in the late 1920’s.

Racing was put on the back burner in the immediate postwar period, and the production of small-displacement, inexpensive motorcycles took precedence to get the Italian nation back on its feet.

Benelli had a great deal of success in small displacement racing with championships in the European, GP, and Tourist Trophy series in the 250 and, to a lesser extent 350 classes.  Early machines were single-cylinder, but in 1960 a 250 four with a six-speed box was created to remain competitive with Japanese machines, although it didn’t race until 1962.  Eventually, 7 and 8 [?!] speed gearboxes were introduced to increase speed, but the bikes didn’t have much real success until 1968.

1978 Benelli 500 Quattro Dash

The bike being offered is based on the 4-cylinder street Benelli that displaced 500cc and was rumored to be heavily based on the Honda CB motor.

From the original eBay listing: 1978 Benelli 500 Quattro for Sale

1978 Benelli 500cc, 4 cyl.,  motorcycle.  Fully restored to resemble a 1960’s road race GP bike.  Many many unique parts are on this bike.  The engine has 29mm CR carbs, pipes are hand formed along with the alloy tank and sidecovers by Evan Wilcox….metal former geniusCerianni RR foks, Grimeca 4LS brake, . Converted to kick start only, not electric. rearsets, clipons, leather saddle….all the right parts.  rides great, powerful.  Lucas Rita electronic ignition. No doubt, one of a kind.

Bike will be sold WITHOUT sidepanels and front fender.  They are personalized and autographed FOR me….again.  No front fender OR sidecovers are included.  You will need to fabricate your own!

Mileage?  limited since restoration.  low miles, but I’m unsure how many.  Now has speedometer in addition to the scitsu tach.   Questions:?  just ask.  Inspections welcome in central NJ.  no test rides….sorry…..

1978 Benelli 500 Quattro L Engine Detail

The seller is looking for at least $9,100.00 for this interesting beast, with no takers and 2 days left on the auction.  That seems a bit high for a well-maintained but pretty heavily modified Benelli 500 Quattro, even if the modifications are extremely well done and in very good taste.  It’s a very cool machine, so maybe the seller will consider offers?


1978 Benelli 500 Quattro R Rear