1969 Kawasaki H1R Race Bike For Sale

I don’t know much about these bikes, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The H1R Grand Prix racebike was developed from the road-going H1 Mach III two-stroke triple with significant improvements made to withstand the rigors of racing, including a dry-clutch and an improved frame to handle the shrieking 75hp the motor produced in racing trim, up from 60 for the street bike.

It wasn’t enough, and the bike was only moderately successful in racing.  The handling was suspect and the engines were powerful, but relatively fragile.

However lessons were learned and many improvements were made by the time the 750 H2 was introduced in 1973.

Check out this video of an H1R running:

Note the photo of the dry clutch and the small, unpainted stripe on the fiberglass fuel tank used as a way to visually check the fuel level.  There are additional photos of the restoration at the original ad over on eBay:

1969 Kawasaki H1R For Sale

This is a really beautiful bike for someone with deep pockets and an interest in a piece of racing history.