Motoring Along: 1986 MOTO MORINI 350 K2

For Sale: 1986 MOTO MORINI 350 K2

You have to admit the Italians offer tremendous style and substance when it comes to their bikes. Take this beautiful Moto Morini 350, for example. It is hard NOT to see the Italian sportbike influences – which go both ways – between Cagivas, Ducatis and Moto Guzzis. This striking Moto Morini is none of those, yet envisions all of them at once. From a design standpoint, this is certainly a classic.

We are no strangers to the Moto Morini brand – witness the number of Moto Morini posts on both RSBFS (check out this hot K2) as well as CSBFS (search Moto Morini) lately. It has been a good year for collectors of this off-beat, lesser known nameplate.

From the seller:
I have a 1986 MotoMorini K2 350cc motorcycle for sale. Frame number ZLMAK3337, FB024378, engine number 24378. It has 1,803 miles since new. It’s in very nice shape for its age, not mint, but very nice. I purchased this bike from an estate(the original owner) with a large collection of bikes. The story I got on this one was it was he purchased it, went to Italy and toured Europe on it, brought it back to Florida, drove it a few times here, emptied the fuel and put it in his collection. The auction company found one key(the gas cap key), the original tool kit, manual, and an import paper from when it was imported(in Italian). They did not find the title or other keys. It is missing keys except the gas cap key. I will provide a bill of sale, NO TITLE. Chrome is nice, no dings in the exhaust. Has been sitting for years, so it will need a battery, probably carb rebuild before running, and brake hydraulics rebuilt, and whatever else goes with an old bike that has been sitting. Turns smooth with good compression. The mileage is believed to be original, I have no way to verify this, the owner is deceased, I’m going by what I was told. The Pirelli tires look awesome, nice tread and no dry rot, but due to the age, you might want to put fresh rubber on it if you plan to ride it. If going into collection, show bike, or musuem, they would be the ticket. No chipped or cracked cooling fins. The original paint has some storage scratches, but is still nice and shiny. The windshield got damaged in storage and will need to be replaced, the fairing did not get any damage, except minor scratches. The master cylinder has leaked a little brake fluid on the black paint below, it didn’t touch any red paint luckily so it should be an easy touch up. There are some scratches on the red paint that need touch up too, the worst being on the left side down on the fairing(see closeup). I have not touchup up anything, so as to not hide anything, I have not even detailed the bike, besides wiping off the dust that was on it. With some touch up, minor detailing and replacing the windshield, you will knock them out at bike shows.

Moto Morini is not native to the US, so all of these models have been imported – either from our neighbor to the North (Canada) or directly from Italy. There is some conjecture that this bike might have been imported from Italy following a dealer demo ride, which is a distinct possibility. There is some damage noted by the seller, and no US title – meaning bill of sale only. None of these are necessarily major hurdles, but prudent buyers will want to check the details before jumping on this opportunity.

These wonderful little 350s do not come around every day – especially not the later models or ones with such low miles (seller claims less than 2,000 miles!). The opening bid on this jewel is $3,250, and as of yet there have been no bidders. The starting price might be scaring off prospective buyers, as $3,250 is fair money for a 3 1/2 here in the US – but this one might take a bit of extra coin to make right and put on the road. A clean, undamaged example with title can fetch upwards of $5,500.

Check out all of the pictures and the seller-supplied information and let us know what YOU think. Personally, this is one of my “bucket list” bikes; it has style and charm lacking in many Euro and Japanese machines. For the price, this one is not too far off the mark. For all the information, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck, and be sure and tell us what you think!