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1982 Suzuki Katana for Sale

1982 Suzuki Katana R Front

This may be on the edge of what you might think of as a “classic sport bike”, but it’s got twin shocks, so I say it qualifies!

Introduced in 1980 and powered by Suzuki’s bulletproof air/oil-cooled transverse four-cylinder, de-bored and de-stroked to just under 1000cc’s, the Suzuki Katana looked like nothing else on the road. The striking, edgy design still looks exciting today and was a decisive move away from huge, wind-blocking fairings more suitable for touring bikes to sleek, wind-cheating items that merely pierced the wind, creating a small hole for the bike and rider to squeeze through.

1982 Suzuki Katana Dash

Even the instrument cluster was supposedly designed with speed in mind: the siamesed speedo and tach faces look cool, but were styled to fit behind the minimal windscreen.

Under the skin, this is largely the same model as Suzuki’s existing GS but represents an important shift in design, so while the bike may have been a styling makeover for the existing GS1100, it set the stage for Suzuki’s ground-breaking GSX-R that would soon follow.

1982 Suzuki Katana Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1982 Suzuki GS1000 Katana for sale

1982 Suzuki Katana, new original Suzuki body panels and new Suzuki windscreen, Airtech fiberglass upper cowling pained in original Suzuki silver color scheme (no shark fins but has chin piece), repainted fuel tank with new Suzuki petcock in Suzuki 1982 Katana silver color scheme…

Engine is a GS1150 1985 rebuilt with balanced, indexed, welded crank, completely rebuilt top end with new Ferrea valves, Webcam camshafts &adjustable sprockets, Webcam welded/strengthened rockers, new guides and seals, and new Suzuki valve springs & guides. Top-end and engine case vented with hoses over rear fender (no gas build up in engine, only pure air-fuel into carbs). New Mikuni RS-38 D19 carbs with new K&N air filters & new dual throttle cable…

New Moto GP Werks stainless steel exhaust. This is what the 1982 Katana should have been, has to be seen and heard. Less than 1000km on rebuilt bike, more than $20K invested into parts and rebuild. Bike is a sleeper, in excellent condition, and a real eye catcher.  Ideal buyer: a KATANA lover who can appreciate what went into a rebuild like this and is not afraid of the attention this bike will get.

These are generally still very affordable, as classic Katanas are just starting to catch on in the collector market and really are much better off being ridden than sitting in someone’s living room. The classic air/oil cooled four-cylinder powerplant makes plenty of poke and there plenty of tuning parts and shops that can make these things go like stink.

1982 Suzuki Katana Exhaust

This one has been “restored” or at the very least given a pretty solid injection of horses, with updated and new parts used to create someone’s vision of the “perfect” Katana. It looks beautiful, although the lack of originality may hurt it for collectors.

Starting price is almost $10k with no takers but plenty of time left. Seems to me that price is pretty high, even considering the work that’s gone into it: it isn’t absolutely perfect, or original.

It’s in Canada, so make sure you do your DMV research before bidding!


1982 Suzuki Katana R Rear


1982 Suzuki Katana for Sale

1982 Suzuki Katana R Front

When other manufacturers were still stuck in the bikini-faired 1970’s, Suzuki was looking for the way forward in terms of design. The first-generation Suzuki Katana was shocking, and really did look like it was sculpted with an edged weapon.

1982 Suzuki Katana L Rear Wheel

Underneath, the technology was nothing really new, but the looks are still striking today.  Obviously, we’re still talking about a fairly conventional twin-shock suspension, with different diameter wheels front and rear, but the style pf the bike definitely pointed the way forward.  And consider that the proven technology means bulletproof reliability.  I love the way the needles line up on those two big gauges tucked in behind that little fairing!

1982 Suzuki Katana Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1982 Suzuki Katana for Sale

This is a low mileage example that I know the complete history of since purchased new. ( Email me for this detailed  information if you like) The 11, 761 miles is a testament as to how nice it is and the fact that it has  been completely gone through adds to this fact.  Just for the record, it has never been involved in any accidents/mishaps and has never been down at any time. It has always been stored inside with the rest of my bikes and is covered all the time.  Over the years I have painstakingly done the following: Powdercoated the frame in grey (that sparkles in the direct sunlight) as well as the wheels (their outside edges retain their polished aluminum look) and a few other parts for continuity (like the edges of the brake rotors, how’s that for detail) The front brake brace also has been powdercoated to match. Many other parts have been have been professionally polished; top triple tree, swing arm, engine side cases, etc.  The seat has been reupholstered two tone black and grey. Carbs were painted high gloss black and baked, carb caps & float bowls were all polished (not just the outers). The other body parts  have been painted BMW grey with a thin red pinstripe in some locations (tank, fairing, rear end)  Front fender, fairing, tank, side panels, rear end have new paint and have a high shine with multiple coats of “Best In Show” wax. The exhaust is a new chrome Vance & Hines 4 into 1 Sidewinder and appropriate to the year. There have really been no mechanical modifications, just tuning (by Joe’s Cycle) but the Power Commander dyno mapping shows 162 MPH and true 97 HP, not BHP.  The bike runs perfectly as is!  Full tank of gas, all it needs is a new owner/rider.
1982 Suzuki Katana R Engine

These are starting to go up in value, but are still available for a relative song.  They certainly aren’t going to keep up with modern literbikes on the race track, but that big motor has enough poke for the street, and parts are readily available.

1982 Suzuki Katana L Front Wheel

I’m not sure if all the modifications listed are really going to increase the value, but none will take away from the bike’s usability. This Katana is a great bike for weekend blasts that will only go up in value.


1982 Suzuki Katana R Rear

Cutting Edge Suzuki: 1983 GS1100 Katana

For Sale: 1983 Suzuki GS1100 Katana

When Suzuki first introduced the Katana in the US in 1981, both the press and the public were taken aback by the sheer audacity of the styling. Originally powered by a 1000cc mill, performance was more than enough to quiet the detractors. In following years, Suzuki bumped displacement to a full 1100cc, upgraded running gear, and made only minor changes to the appearance. This is a 1983 model, which offered the 1100cc motor and the silver\blue paint scheme.

That styling of the Katana was originally penned by Hans Muth, fresh from a stint at BMW. That tiny front fairing was tested and modified in the wind tunnel, and offers a surprising amount of protection for its size.

From the seller:
Museum quality example of last year limited production motorcycle. All original, 6700 easy miles. New tires, carbs serviced 8 months ago, stored with ethanol free gasoline and stabil, never laid down, never wrecked.

The going rate for a Katana is on the rise – and clean, original examples like this one are very hard to come by. The opening bid for this bike is $5,500 – and there is a reserve in place. We have seen these Katanas cross the block in tehe $6k range, but many are poor examples of the breed. This one looks to be in fine condition, has only 6,700 miles on it, and will only go up in value. and find out more information. Better yet, fire off a bid on the bike – there are not many like it left!


1984 Bimota SB4 for sale in Tempe Arizona

1984 Bimota SB4 located in Tempe, AZ for sale on ebay.

Our readers have been working over time sending in all sorts of interesting and unique bikes, and here’s another one of them – a :

This one is # 127, red / pearl white with a complete fairing.

A total of 272 SB4s were built – 166 SB4s with semifairings and 106 SB4/Ss with complete fairings.

Displayed in office last 10 years. Part of a private collection 15 years prior to that. Never raced or laid down. Early Bimota craftsmanship with perimeter chrome moly frame.

Paint has some small spots around the seat and fuel petcock where the pearl finish is inconsistent (see photos). Also, the front fender has a small crack in the paint (see photo).

Approximately 1800 miles – Runs great.

40 mm forks
DeCarbon rear shock
Bimota 16″ wheels with original Pirelli Phantom tires
V&H filters
New GSM Battery.

1984 Bimota SB4-S Details

1. Engine built at The Performance Works, Canoga Park, CA, 91304 by Harry Millet. Includes 1135cc Yoshimura pistons, welded crankshaft, Vance & Hines clutch basket, plates and springs, Yoshimura heavy duty timing chain, standard performance camshafts (Suzuki Katana), and polished covers.

2. Magnesium fork sliders resurfaced and painted to match chassis.

3. Brembo gold two-piston front brake calipers replaced with racing four-piston calipers.

4. All brake lines upgraded to braided stainless steel.

5. Factory oil cooler (optional) installed with braided stainless lines to Lockheart full flow oil filter cavity cover. Cooler fittings epoxyed. No leaks.

6. Suzuki Katana instrument cluster.

7. Tsubaki racing chain.

8. Original Pirelli Phantom tires.

9. Tool kit, tire patch kit, pump line and carrying pouch in tail section.

10. Optional steering dampener installed.

11. Miscellaneous: Vitalloni mirrors, bar-end dampeners with machined spacers, drilled and safety-wired disc carriers, safety-wired caliper mounting brackets, safety-wired drain plug, filler cap drilled, battery box insulated, tool compartment insulated, breather catch-can fabricated and attached to battery box, all steel bracket fabrication powder-coated, battery box/catch can powder-coated, rear brake master cylinder rebuilt.

While the bike is not 100% original, the mods have been thoughtfully done and shouldn’t affect the desirability of the bike – not to mention these after market parts are probably rarer than hens’ teeth these days! Also, the SB4 is one of the very last Massimo Tamburini designed Bimotas as well.  For more info on the SB4, click HERE.


’82 Katana in Oregon

1982 Suzuki GSX Katana For Sale on eBay

The classic Suzuki Katana 1000, this bike really broke the mold for Japanese bikes!

The bike was basically a GS1100 with funky styling , by a gentleman named Hans Muth, and unveiled at the 1980 Cologne Motor Show.

The U.S got the bike in the 1000cc form (to meet U.S superbike rules) and the rest of the world got the 1100 motor.  At 89″ long and 511lbs (dry) this was a big bike!

Yoshimura raced one in AMA superbike in the States with Wes Cooley and Dave Aldana on board with some podium finishes  but with many mechanical problems.

The model continued until ’83 with limited changes, mostly cosmetic , these things have reached cult status in the U.K and of course Japan.

This bike looks really nice!

Very low miles (7,315 miles!), very clean and pretty much stock except for the nice Vance and Hines pipe.

If I only had the cash I would be all over this bike, but my marriage would also be all over!