Yamaha RD400 with TZ Parts Fitted

Post RD350 and pre RD350LC, the RD400’s rubber mounted, stroked engine produced 40hp and had a top speed of 106 mph. This lightweight machine was said to lift the front wheel when entering the power band straight out of the show room. I personally have no experience with wheelies because they’re dangerous so I wouldn’t know 😉

See it for sale on Portland Craigslist for $3200

Here’s a quote from Cycle Guide 1977.

If there’s one word that describes the Yamaha RD400 series, the word is intense. The all-disc brakes are intensely powerful, an RD tradition since the motorcycles were disc/drum 350s. The RD Yamahas have always been quick steering motorcycles, thanks to a 52.5-inch wheelbase, 27.5 degrees of rake, 4.3 inches of trail, and a wet weight of 379 pounds. This kind of motorcycle isn’t really guided into and manipulated through a corner; rather, RD Yamahas simply dart into the entry and out the exits.

This quote alone would have had me driving to the dealership helmet and goggles in hand. One of the reasons classic sport bikes interest me is the twitchy uncertainty of experimental machines. There’s no traction control or soft entry into power bands, it’s on or off. That’s why this RD400 grabbed my attention. All the peaky power of the 70’s two stroke with late 80’s suspension to help keep you on the road, or track, which this bike looks like it’s spent some time on. Take a look at those tires…..scrubbed. The 38 mm flatslides with no idle circuit might be tough for street riding but I’m up for the challenge. With the TZ250 front end, Ohlins on the rear and TT500 swing arm this bike’s got be a good “ride to work during the week and hit the track on the weekend” ride. The ultimate 70’s smoker.

The seller is to the point with no B.S.

1976 Yamaha RD400, 18k, recent top end rebuild with Wiseco pistons, Professional paint original red, perfect no rust gas tank,
Parts from a 1988 TZ250;
Forks and tripples
Front and rear wheels
dual front brakes
38mm Mikuni flatslide carburetors, no idle circuit
Thumb choke

Other modifications include; DG pipes, new front rotors, RZ350 reeds, Rearsets with GP shift, TT 500 aluminium swing arm, Ohlins rear shocks and springs, Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa Pro tires, Hella H4 headlight, CBR 1000 rear brakes, Solo seat, Clear Washington title

Clean this bike up a little and ride it to your next bike night. Tape the headlight and take it to the next track day, it’s you choice.