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US Market Beemer: 1969 BMW R69US for Sale

1969 BMW R69US L Side

While BMW certainly made conservatively-styled, even stodgy-looking bikes they were, much like the majority of BMW’s modern offerings, “gentleman’s express” sportbikes. Powered by a 594cc version of their classic “flat” twin and shaft drive that could push the bike just north of “the ton” and cruise at 90mph all day long, the R69S was the ideal motorcycle for wide-open spaces and it was correspondingly popular in the US.

1969 BMW R69US Clocks

That popularity in the US market actually led to the specific model you see here. While the standard R69S used Earles forks that had advantages over early telescopic forks in terms of performance under braking, but were relatively heavy, the “US” versions featured telescopic forks instead of BMW’s more typical Earles forks, and deleted the sidecar mounting lugs.

Although this change was designed to modernize the looks of the bike and appeal to the US market, the change worked well and even saved a bit of weight compared to the Earles fork models.

1969 BMW R69US L Side Rear

From the original eBay listing: 1969 BMW R69US for Sale

I am selling this outstanding bike for a long-time friend; an internationally established collector of rare BMW motorcycles.  This R69US is completely restored to near perfect in Granada Red.  The bike will bring you years of pleasure whether for show, riding or just its investment value.

As always I reserve the right to end this auction early as the bike is for sale in other venues and may sell before this auction ends, so bid your highest price early.  This bike is located in Blackhawk California.

1969 BMW R69US Engine

The styling of the R69 is conservative, but these look great in bright red, rather than the conservative BMW black, and I’m a huge fan of bar-end turn signals. At $15,000 with no takers as yet, this may be a bit rich, although you certainly would be hard-pressed to find a more polished vintage bike in terms of both looks and riding experience.


1969 BMW R69US R Side

1965 Dover White BMW R69S

There are some Classic motorcycles that are lusted after for their beauty. There are others that are chased after because of their performance. There are still other Classics that you wouldn’t touch with the ten foot pole. The BMW R69S is a classic that is respected as a superbly engineered motorcycle; known for their quality of build, reliability and practical nature. When you see a restoration done to the level of this Dover White BMW offered now on eBay, it is a tribute to the original quality that the Marque deserves.

The seller put together an auction that measures up to the quality of the restoration. With their description of the build, they have given a road map to follow for anyone who wishes to restore a BMW in the future.  

From the Seller

            All original parts have been used in the restoration and all have either been cad plated, three stage chromed, polished or re-painted. All Black and Dover White parts have been finished in correct single stage paint. All parts have been painted – there is no powder coating on this bike. The paint was done by an excellent local painter, in the correct color scheme and match of Dover White – which is off-white, ivory color – using New Old Stock Dover White shock cover for the color match. The paint is perfect and is done to a very high quality.

You can easily fine replacement hardware in chrome, but taking the time to sort and label all the hardware to ship to a cad platter is both time consuming and costly. The end result not only shows the attention to detail, but also shows a commitment to getting it right.

The engine work from the seller

            The work has included new pistons, rings, main bearing, main bearing carrier, valves, slingers etc. Crank was sent to Dan at Cycle works for complete restoration. Clutch gearbox pulled apart, cleaned out and adjusted and any parts replaced as needed. The final drive has all new seals and brake shoes. The engine, gearbox and final drive were all bead blasted for correct finish.

Before the common paper oil filter was used in motorcycles, BMW used a something that came to be known as a slinger. It had a dual purpose of throwing oil around inside the engine, and also to remove crud from the oil. So when the seller replaced the slinger, buyers can fell confident that this engine will last another 40,000 miles.

Some other things that you can see in the pictures are small things like the wiring harness and how it is held to the frame. BMW used small metal straps that were so thin that often times the first time you removed the strap was the last time that you could use it.

The steering dampener for the R69S from the factory was a hydraulic unit that would start to leak and stick and was ofter replaced with a friction dampeners soon after it left the showroom. This bike has this dampener and it again showing the time and cost that the restorer went to get it right. IF you can find a original dampener today, it will cost you. 

The seller points out some of the little things

genuine NOS parts including a new old stock Bosch headlamp lens and Hella tail light lens. No aftermarket parts have been used, only genuine Bosch, Hella and BMW parts. The original speedometer was completely rebuilt by North Hollywood Speedo. All lights and switches are in good working order. The horn is the correct French Klaxon horn. Gas line is correct NOS gray cloth. Other parts include: Repainted, working air pump, brand new Blitz 6 volt battery (never any acid in the battery), rebuilt gas petcock, all new rubber, and cables, and much, much more


Some of the things that are not mentioned in the discription; getting the “Birth Certificate” from BMW confirms the build date and final destination. An original manual and tool role, vintage accessory catalogue and build album. All of these little things would be included in a museum display, but lets hope that thousands of miles are added to the 4 miles currently showing on the odometer. You should really look at the complete listing to see what a great bike is on offer. BB

1964 BMW R69S

When most people think of vintage or classic sports motorcycles they don’t think of BMW, but from 1960 through 1969 was the Sports model from Bavaria. The R69 offered from 1955 gained the S in 1960 when it bumped the compression ratio from 7.5:1 to 9.5:1 raising the 35hp of the R69 to 42hp for the R69S.

All BMW from 1955 through 1967 came with the Earle’s Forks designed by the Englishman by the same name. The swing arm front-end was designed to keep the wheelbase of the motorcycle the same even under compression. What they created was a comfortable ride as a solo, or when a sidecar was attached. But as a sporting model not so much. The term “Gummikuh”, German for rubber cow, is often used to describe the handling of the BMW.

The seller states:

The bike was just Restored has new pistons and rings . This bike comes with  wide seat and a brand new Denfeld passenger pegs , Magura  sport handlebars , Hella turn signal bars end , New black coil , an aluminum points plate , 2.5 liters  Big oil pan , Hoske  Sport mufflers ,Taillight guard , Original Tool Kit ,New 6v battery… This bike  has a sport ” BIGGER”gas tank. The bike starts first kick and runs beautifully nice gear changing . All the numbers of engine and frame are matching and clear title.!!

The claimed Hoske mufflers offered on the bike are a hard to come by after market item made by one time racer Earnst Hoske. The were offered as a sports upgrade and had a tell-tale bolt at the end that held in a removable baffle for track days. These mufflers do not appear to have that bolt.

If you are able to find them, the Hoske name can also be found on gas tanks (sadly not the “BIGGER” tank on this bike), hubs, and oil tank extensions. This bike has a BIG finned oil pan, but it is not a Hoske part.

The color of this BMW R69S is special and rare. For most of BMW history they offered any color you wanted as long as it was black. As was often the case during the 1960’s, when America wanted something, the European manufactures complied. It is said that the Dover White is based on an American car company color of the time that was the favorite of the wife of the American Importer of BMW. BMW would also offered Green, Red, Grey and even Blue.

BMW offered another 600cc bike, the R60, at the same time as the R69s, but it was more then just the name that separated the two. The R69S has larger carburetors, larger intake and exhaust valves, finned exhaust nuts, and a “hemi” combustion chamber that was a popular “hot rod” design of the time. The R69S also got a crank shaft balancer and roller bearings to address crank flex that could occur.

The R69S was not going to win any drag races against the British bikes offered at the time. What is was going to do was start every time, arrive at its destination, return back, and not leak oil when it was put away. Current bidding has not reached the reserve and I would not be surprised if this bike went in excess of $10,000, a very nice representation of Bavarian Sport.  BB