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Complete Package: 1973 Yamaha RD350 Cafe

1973 Yamaha RD350 R Front

Another really nice little Yamaha RD350 with some subtle custom touches that can be easily reversed if a potential buyer would prefer something a bit more stock… I love a nice, subtly modified bike that enhances the bike’s original strengths and this is very simple, but still looks like the original article. This build includes an uprated engine and suspension updates that should provide excellent handling.

1973 Yamaha RD350 L Side

While Kawasaki was busy building hairy straight-line rockets and Honda was busy making bikes Swiss-watch internals at everyman prices, Yamaha was creating its own niche, building middleweight two-strokes that provided a very complete package that included that elusive quality: handling.

1973 Yamaha RD350 Dash

The RD series of bikes epitomized that philosophy, with a 347cc two-stroke parallel twin that put a real-world 40hp through a six-speed gearbox that made the most of the relatively narrow powerband. A powerful front disc allowed the lightweight bike to stop quickly, and frame geometry derived from the TZ race bike gave the bike very nimble handling. Concessions to day-to-day use included Yamaha’s “Autolube” oil-injection system that made fill-ups at the gas station much simpler, since the rider no longer had to carry around two-stroke oil…

1973 Yamaha RD350 L Front Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1973 Yamaha RD350 Cafe for Sale

This 1973 YAMAHA RD350 has fewer than 200miles since rebuild. starts easy and has that awesome two-stroke sound coming out of the spec2 chambers! EVERYTHING was completly disassembled, rebuilt, painted or polished. The crankshaft was rebuilt, stage 2 porting, larger RZ intakes,32mm mikuni vm jetted for pre-mix, I have the work orders from spec2 with all the details. Franks fork tubes with racetech springs and cartridge emulators up front and works performance shocks out back. the rolling chassis went to G.M.D. computrack to check alignment, yup… it handles awesome! Fuel tank is N.O.S. 77 yamaha SX, along with a ton of nos,oem, and performance rd parts.I have just over $10,000.00 in receipts, they will go with the bike for future reference of suppliers used for the build.

1973 Yamaha RD350 L Side Rear

With a $3,200 starting bid and just two days left with no takers, I’m a little surprised. I’m not an expert on these so I can’t speak to its originality, but it seems to be a very well-prepared little bike that really captures the spirit of the era. Luckily, I don’t have a spare $3,200 lying around to buy another bike, but I’ve been aching to buy into the two-stroke club, and this looks like one that would tempt me.


1973 Yamaha RD350 R Rear

Vintage Race Bike Week Continues: 1975 Yamaha RD350 Road Racer


1975 Yamaha RD350 Racer L Side

It’s raining race bikes this week! This example is a fully race-fettled, faired version of the popular, fast, and nimble Yamaha RD350. Streetbikes didn’t feature this example’s large, aerodynamic fairing, or that very interesting bladed trefoil tail section.

1975 Yamaha RD350 Racer L Rear

What streetbikes did feature was a lightweight parallel twin two-stroke that pumped out a genuine 40rwhp, making it a very quick middleweight sporting machine with good handling and reliability. The transmission contained six speeds, and the RD350 used an automatic oil-injection system so owners didn’t have to ride around with a quart of two-stroke oil in their backpack… Although this bike has had its suggestively-name “Yamalube” system removed in the name of simplicity and weight-savings.

1975 Yamaha RD350 Racer L Front Engine

Frames were similar to the TZ series of racebikes and the RD’s handling was excellent, although the RD was much heavier than the purpose-built machines. Many RD’s were used as club racers and the bike bucks the prevalent image of 1970’s Japanese machines being fast in a straight line only.

And while the brakes look a bit underwhelming compared to two-disc set ups, the system was powerful and well-regarded at the time.

1975 Yamaha RD350 Racer L Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1975 Yamaha RD350 Road Racer


This is a RD 350 set up for Vintage Road Racing.  I purchased this bike to fulfill an old dream of road racing.  I was 55 at the time.  I got my Motorcycle Competition License and headed for the track.  I only ran the bike on Track Days (a couple of times, maybe 20 laps).  I had a blast !  My mind was 18, but my body was not.  Track time proved to be too expensive.  I parked the bike in my house(well covered) drained tank and prepped it for storage. Now is the time for someone else to have FUN !   I just moved it to my shop and cleaned it up.  Bought new battery and added gas/oil mix.  It fired up in a couple of kicks.  Revs and runs fine. I’m the third owner that I know of. 

Now for the list of goodies that make this bike outstanding.  The bike was red when I purchased it.  I have painted it Classic Yamaha Yellow with black and white racing stripes(Basecoat/Clearcoat).  It has about 300 miles on the Top End, which was rebuilt with Genuine Yamaha parts by the previous owner.  It has not been ported.  Stock carbs with Boysen Power Reeds, 140 main jets(could go smaller), AirTech full TZ fairing and anti-draft seat and windscreen(with a few scratches), metal front fender(unknown origin), Raask rear sets, Spec II expansion chambers, Tapered steering head bearings, Brass swingarm bushings, NHK steering damper, ProFlo/K&N air filter, New aluminum clip-ons, Excel Aluminum rims, Dunlop K series tires(little wear), Nissin front master cylinder, New battery(under rear part of seat), Koni chrome steel rear shocks(not in production anymore), High Power coils w/NGK spark plug leads(new), Newly installed custom Sprocket Specialist 14 tooth front, 42 tooth rear for use with lighter weight RK XSO 520 Chain(all new).  The oil pump was removed by previous owner, I use 32:1 premix Yamalube.

These are very popular vintage rides, and only their high production numbers is keeping prices down. Set up for the track using quality components, this may not have the rarity or outright speed of a genuine TZ, but should be pretty good fun for less money, and the buzzy little 347cc motor can be hotted up to make significantly more power.

1975 Yamaha RD350 Racer R Engine

I’m sad to hear the rider doesn’t feel his body can keep up with his youthful enthusiasm, but his loss is your gain! This bike is no battered track-rat, and it looks nice enough to ride or display, although it seems to waste all that nice prep work by parking it up somewhere…

Any of our loyal readers know anything about that tail section?


1975 Yamaha RD350 Racer L Naked

1971Yamaha R5B 350

1971 Yamaha R5B R Front

Daddy to the RD350 from yesterday, the R5B is clearly the earlier bike, with a drum front brake and less 70’s-tastic color and style.  But this was where it began, and the R5B was the “founder of the feast” as it were, the beginning of Yamaha’s famous and successful line of sporting “21-inchers”, named for the 21 cubic inches the class displaced.
1971 Yamaha R5B L Side
The R5B wasn’t more powerful than the 350 that came before it, but the bike’s wider powerband and ability to humble much larger machines in the canyons cemented it’s reputation: the frame’s design was sourced from Yamaha’s own TR2 race bike, and testers of the time loved the “on rails” handling of the bike.  It was no slouch in a straight line either, although the short wheelbase made it a bit of a mono-wheeler at times…
1971 Yamaha R5B Clocks
From the original eBay listing: 1971 Yamaha R5B 350 for sale.

This is a 1971 R5B 350 which was the start Yamaha’s 350 series. The bike has been changed to a cafe style with Vintage Smoke rear sets and pointless ignition. Fairing, bars, mirrors, tank, seat have been changed out. The bore is stock with new piston and rings. The clutch friction plates and springs are new. K & N filter, Y boot,  battery, tires, tubes, brakes, exhaust pipes, rear shocks etc are all new. The seat opens and latches as stock. The carbs and front forks are rebuilt. The bike has 5781 miles on it. I have some stock parts which are included in the sale. Some shippers will allow an extra box to be put on the skid and some don’t so you’ll need to check with the shipper if you want the extras. The bike comes with owner’s manual and service manual and clear title. 

1971 Yamaha R5B Dash

I’m not so sure about the aesthetics of that fairing or those godawful grips: I have a buddy who put this kind of “billet” style grips on his MV Brutale and absolutely hated every uncomfortable mile he put on them.  And I’m not a fan of them for looks on a bike like this either, but they might fetch some money on eBay if they’re not cheap knock-offs.  I’d rip them off and put on some vintage rubber grips or wrap the bars in leather grip tape.  But the mechanical updates look well considered: if you love to tinker, keep your points.  If you love to ride?  The pointless ignition is a worthy upgrade.

Looking these little 350’s and the relatively low prices they command, I’m starting to wonder if a smoky little two-stroke might be in my future…


1971 Yamaha R5B R Side

1975 Yamaha RD350 Cafe Racer

1975 Yamaha RD 350 Front

Yamaha’s RD350 doesn’t feature on this site very often and, in spite of it’s small displacement, the little two-stroke is most definitely a sportbike…  Chalk it up to my relative ignorance about the little smokers from this plebeian brand.

1975 Yamaha RD 350 L Rear

In spite of my frequent snark about Japanese streetbikes of this era being all motor and scary in the corners, the RD was pretty famous for being a fiend in the canyons and the scourge of club-level racing: potent brakes brought things to a halt quickly and the frame, while made of heavier tubing than the TZ racebike’s, featured the same geometry for cornering prowess on a budget.  The bike was powered by a reliable, air-cooled parallel twin and a six-speed gearbox to make the best of the relatively slim powerband and lubrication was provided by automatic oil-injection, removing the need to fuss about with premix.

1975 Yamaha RD 350 Dash

The original eBay listing doesn’t contain much information: 1975 Yamaha RD350 Cafe Racer for Sale

  • Matching Frame & Engine Numbers
  • Clear, Box “c” Az Title
  • Complete Rebuilt Engine
  • Only 665 Miles Since Rebuild 
  • Fitted With A RD400 Fuel Tank
  • White Color With Red Stripe
  • Spec 2 Pipes
  • Café TD Tail
  • Drilled Front Rotor
  • Carb Intake Crossover Tube

1975 Yamaha RD 350 L Engine

The bike is holding steady at about $3,500 with very little time left, so if you’re looking for something small and fun to rip around the canyons on, this could be your ride!


1975 Yamaha RD 350 R Rear

Another 1977 Yamaha RD 400

1977 Yamaha RD400 For Sale

I see a lot of RD350’s and 400s for sale. Maybe a new one everyday. Almost all of them say they are rare and gonna go up in value due to the  rarity and cult following.  To me these are one of the most common rare bikes I see. I couldn’t find a solid number or proof of production numbers from Yamaha but the general consensus is that there was about 17,000 RD400C’s and 14,000 RD400D’s. I wouldn’t put those numbers in the “super rare gonna be worth a million dollars some day” category but those numbers are pretty low. The fact that every time I look up classic sport bikes for sale I see one of these shows me they’re not all that rare or every single one of them is for sale at any given point. Having said all that I do love these bikes. There was a add that Yamaha ran in the 70’s that was an apology to all CB750 riders that had just lost a race to the 350cc powered RD. It went on to say you’re not alone, a lot of 750 riders had also been beat and they shouldn’t feel bad for spending more for a slower bike because they weren’t alone. I love that add. It had some 750 rider with his head all hung low and stuff. haha. I’ve added the ad for reference.

1977 Yamaha RD400 For Sale on eBay


The seller has a pretty good description of all the aspects of the bike and a video.

1977 Yamaha RD 400 Runs awsome
sweet original paint /few bruises
17687 original miles
everything works ,lights,gauges,signals,switches

This bike is a appreciating classic rare toy
dual disc brake model

Low miles on this fun and fast 2 stroke
fresh tune up with plugs,points,oil change and filters

* List of new**

* DG expansion chambers
* Dual sport tires (2)
* Brakes pads front and rear
* K&N air filter
* carbs rebuilt and rejetted for pipes
* battery

Selling with no reserve Bid to own it

Title in hand


What is up with those tires? They make me want to take it trail riding. Anyway, IMO his starting bid price is about what the bikes consistently sell for so I don’t expect it to sell for much more than that but I’ve been wrong before and I’m sure I’ll be wrong again.


Click here to so the auction.



1981 Yamaha RD350LC – Toronto


1981 Yamaha RD350LC for sale on Kijiji Toronto, ON.

The RD was never sold in the US, although many made into the country from Canada. The ultimate hooligan bike: 2-stroke, lots of smoke, lots of wheelies, lots of tickets. I’m very biased on these bikes as I have an ’82.


The RD is a great bike with all the great TZ-inspired features: 2 cylinder, 2-stroke, water cooled, monoshock, dual front discs. Most RD’s have had a very hard life but they all look fantastic from 10 feet away. It is the details that count.

This particular bike looks tidy, with lots of new parts and those iconic Allspeed pipes. It is not stock, but has some tasteful modifications, for example the ’83 RZ350 fairing and powder coating. The bike is listed with 30,000 KM’s, which is high, so would advise checking with owner regarding crank re-builds and top end history. The cylinders have some fading, which suggest it hasn’t been apart in a while. If travelling a long distance to see this bike, consider asking for some detailed pictures before making the journey. .

Price is $4500 (CDN.), which is a lot of money for this bike, but looks like the owner wasn’t shy about spending money on it.