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1971 Suzuki TR500 Seeley frame


Two stroke engines started to creep on to the GP circuit starting the in the early 1960’s. Lets not forget that Ernst Degner came from behind the Iron Curtain to join Suzuki in 1961 and a gained a 125cc World Championship in 1963. By the end of the 60’s 500cc twin cylinder 2-strokes were racing, and racing well. This 1971 Suzuki TR500 in Seeley frame could have been in the mix at a little race in Daytona.

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From the seller

Suzuki TR 500 Seeley Framed Factory GP Racer.
This is a pristine, fully restored Suzuki TR 500 Factory GP Bike, one of only a handful or examples in the world. The bike has racing provenance and has been authenticated by Colin Seeley. The frame is stamped by Colin Seeley CS 262 S (August 1971)
The engine is a Factory Suzuki TR 500 Motor, direct from the Suzuki Factory to their team riders. The Engine has been completely rebuilt by a Suzuki specialist and features a number of details unique to an original TR 500 Motor. Factory stamped cases, etc etc.  Front end is original Ceriani 35mm GP. Magnesium Triple Trees. Ceriani Wheels, front and rear. Borrani Alloy Rims. Complete hand sculpted bodywork in Aluminum by the master Mr Evan Wilcox. Twin Mikuni Flat sided race Carburetors. Every nut and bolt on this bike has been professionally restored or replaced with original Factory Suzuki Parts.
The bike is located in Seattle, USA.

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The seller says the bike has a racing background, but does not list a race or rider that this bike may have been attached with. From what I gleaned from the world wide web, the TR500 first raced under the factor designated XR05, and instead of a Seeley frame like this bike, it was cradled in a “Norton Featherbed” inspired frame. They first raced in Daytona in 1968 and were able to reach 135mph on the high banks because of the 63hp generated at 8000rpm. A year later, with 1hp more and 12 more mph top speed, the factory TR500 was able to place two riders in the top 10.

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I found that by 1971, the year of this TR500, the Suzuki was producing 71hp and was good for 154mph. But the big leap came with water cooling and in 1973 and 78hp at 8700rpm were reached for 160mph top speed. These kind of jumps really show what factory efforts can achieve, even with the relatively new 2-stroke technology. It wasn’t much later that 10, 12, 13,000 rpm screamers were effecting the GP circuit.

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As I have stated before, I sure wish that the winning bid for ex factory bikes came with an ex factory mechanic. The name and phone number for the Suzuki specialist who rebuilt the engine should at least be included  with this 1971 Suzuki TR500 in Seeley frame. I am in the Greater Seattle area, wonder if the seller will allow some window shopping? BB

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1968 Seeley 7R







The seller has put this winning AJS 7R back on the auction block. Back in March the weather might not have been a factor to help move this Vintage racer from one garage to another. But now the sun is out and the Vintage racing Schedule is upon us, you have a second chance. 


I’m sure that there has been something that you really really want, but the whole money thing got in your way. But wait, I have something just like the thing I want, so if I sell it, I can get the thing I want. This is the felling I got when I saw this 1968 Seeley 7R race bike for sale. The seller seems to have taken some quick pictures of the bike on the lift, give a short description, and throw it all up on eBay? Wonder what the seller has their eye on?


From the seller

This bike is a Colin Seeley framed AJS 7R 83mm bore short stroke. This is a well known and respected bike in the AHRMA paddock ridden by Bruce Yoxsimer and campaigned to 3 National Championships. With 5 Daytona wins and countless wins around the country, this is a very competitive machine.


Colin Seeley was a motorcycle guy who apprenticed at Vincent Motorcycles, went sidecar racing, and then got into the frame building business. And business was good. Taking advantage of the dying British motorcycle industry, he was able to buy up all the tooling and spares from AMC for the Matchless and AJS brands. He tuned the 350cc and 500cc singles and put them in his frames and offered them to any weekend warrior who wanted one. This racer has the 350cc AJS 7R heart powering the Colin Designed racing frame. And it’s the Seeley name and not the AJS name that propels this bike.


More specs

83mm Short Stroke motor

Cronshaw magneto/Ignition

Summerfield 6 speed

Manx rear

Fontana 180mm front


Of course the bike has a full spares kit including several pistons, valves, ignition, full rack of gearing and jetting. Detailed records and tuning notes. Head was just done mid season 2012. New seats, guides valves, etc. Piston was done at the same time, so essentially this bike is ready to roll. I will provide a new set of race rubber for the new owner. This machine is amazing to ride and race. It has a lot of very special bits that I would be happy to discuss one on one.



Today vintage racing is big, and you can make a large fortune into a small fortune very easily. The seller looks to have spent more then just a weekend here and there racing. They have amassed the spares you need for a full campaign. So if you have the impulse and need a turn key vintage racer, this 1968 Colin Seeley 7R might fill that need.