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1973 Ducati 750 Super Sport

Update 5.17.2012: We got an email from Tony at Beveltech with the following concerns. Do your due diligence before bidding:

Wrong shocks
Polished rather than black forks
Green rather than black headlight bracket
Drilled discs (should be solid)
Polished triple clamps
Twin plug heads.
Top fairing mount shouldn’t exist.
Wrong width clear viewing stripe on tank
No stripes on tank or seat

If the frame and engine numbers ere disclosed, that might reveal exacly what it is.

There were only a very few 1973 SS’s made, and they were made out of Sports and as such had the black motors.

As they say … 401 made, and only 700 survive.

Original post:

I think that this auction is a really good indication of what people will do to get themselves a 1973  Ducati 750SS. Four Picture, Located in France,  21 Bids up to $60,000. My goodness.

From the seller

For sale in south of France this 750 SS Ducati, 09 / 1973, frame 0752XX, engine 0753XX. Perfect  looking and running condition. Many detailed pics on request on my direct email adress only or by phone xxxxxxxxx. I prefer to exchange this bike than to sale, I’m interested with other interesting classic bikes or cars, pre or post war roadsters, what have you?

The Ducati  750SS is a very iconic motorcycle. After a guy named Smart won at a place called Imola, Ducati was no longer in the small, single cylinder motorcycles. They were in the L-Twin, high horse power, great sounding, World Beating Super Bike making company.

This 750SS has it all. Green Frame, Silver paint, Twin Front Disks. 73hp at 8000rpm through two 40mm Dell’Orto (one of my favorite Italian word), 9.6:1 CR and only 445 lbs wet. All this and Desmodromic valves.  Now all you have to do it fork over the money.

More from the seller

For all the dreamers who still are thinking to pick a bike like this one for 30 k usd, please have a look at the yesterday Ducati sale in Monaco, specially the grey 750 SS round cases Imola Replica round cases, sold for 60 000 euros plus taxes and fees, and the 1971 750 GT sold for 34 500 euros plus taxes and fees.

We have never heard that the French are straight forward, but this seller is telling you like it is. No salesmanship needed. This is what I have for sale, come get it if you have the, but hurry there are  fewer then 24hrs left. (Don’t know how many French hours are left) BB

1973 BMW R75/5

I will admit that the motorcycles that started me on this journey is the BMW R75/5. Many people have that one motorcycle that catches there eye, makes them stop and look, and this snowballs into the obsession that we are all afflicted with. We don’t know what it is about that “One” motorcycle, but it will always be the known as the epicenter for us. This 1973 BMW R75/5 offered up on eBay now attracted me, and more so then other bikes.

From the seller

Up for auction we have a vintage 1973 BMW R75/5 cafe racer.  We are a BMW motorsports dealership & we have had this R75/5 on display among other brand new BMW motorcycles on our showroom floor.  This motorcycle get a lot of looks and positive comments here at our dealership.  Our BMW authorized service department has checked out & serviced this R75/5, so it starts, runs, and shifts through all of the gears just fine.  This motorcycle has Clubman handlebars, Corbin seat, center stand, original & aftermarket side kickstands, and left side Napoleon Bar End Mirror.  The right side exhaust pipe does have a ding & also has some visible rust, but otherwise this R75/5 is in great condition.

If you look close at the pictures you can see that there has been a time in its 40 years on the planet, it has spent some time sitting. The aluminum has that “patina”, the chrome has lost its shine, and the frame has the layer of stuff that collects on things at rest. There are shiny bits, the “toaster tank” is very nice, the seat is in good repair. It appears that someone has found it and started on the road to restoration.

The seller quotes the manual

BMW R75/5 Specifications:
Start of Production 1969
End of Production 1973
Numbers Produced 38,370


Motor Type Four-stroke two cylinder horizontally
opposed “Boxer” engine, air cooled
Bore x Stroke 82 x 70.6 mm (3.22 x 2.77 in)
Displacement 745 cc
Max Power 50 hp (36.8 KW) at 6,200 rpm
Max Torque 60 Nm / 44 ft lb at 5,000 rpm
Compression Ratio 9.0 : 1

Valves Per Cylinder 2
Valve Control OHV, using push rod and rocker arm
Carburation System 2 constant depression carburettors, Bing
64/32/4-3 or 64/32/9-10
Engine Lubricating System Wet sump

In 1968 BMW added telescopic forks to the /2 model line, replacing some of the Earles Forks that are iconic to the 1955-1969 BMW. This was foreshadowing the next incarnation, the Slash 5 bikes which came out in 1970.  But there was a problem that occurred; The new line of motorcycles would put the rider and bike into a “tank slapping” wobble. If you look closely at the drive shaft on this bike,  you can see a weld about one inch from the rear drive unit. This is where the drive shaft was lengthens to increase the wheel base in an attempt to cure this mysterious wobble.  So when you see R75/5 listed as a LWB or SWB, it indicates if it is a long or short wheel base, dividing bikes 1972 and before, or 1973 and later.

The first motorcycle that I owned was the next newest generation BMW from this R75/5. I planned on replacing the one I owned with the /5 but somehow I ended up going older, and older. I always say that the R75/5 will some day come to my garage, and I think this one is in the right shape. Not too nice, and not found leaning up against the building out back. BB



1964 Norton Café for Sale

One of my riding buddies has recently been bitten by the Britbike bug and brought this machine to my attention.  It’s a really neat example of why I like these sorts of café bikes: like old American muscle cars, you can mix and match and really make them your own, if you’re not particularly concerned with originality and don’t subscribe the insidious Numbers Matching club.

This particular example appears to have a 1964 Norton Atlas frame stuffed full of 750 Commando goodness and is festooned with all of the best period Rocker bling.

The change to the Commando engine is not explained by the seller, but the bike would likely receive the same benefits as the Commando when compared to the Atlas: improved center of gravity, increased space for carburetors, and rakish good looks.

Of course, without the Commando’s Isolastic frame to control the big twin’s vibration, numb hands might be an issue…

It’s hard to say what sort of performance this bike has for sure and the seller makes no claims, but a healthy Norton twin should make 50-odd hp, enough to comfortably keep up with modern traffic and provide plenty of back-road entertainment.

The original add includes a list of recent maintenance that has been done and a link to a page of excellent, high-quality images:

1964 Norton Café for Sale on eBay

The ad also includes an video of the bike being offered:


At the time of this writing, the bidding is up to $4050.00 with the reserve not yet met.  No surprise, given the apparent quality of the bike on offer.


1976 Ducati 750SS

When I first took a look at this listing on eBay, I had an involuntary expletive come out. Followed up closely with a less offensive “Really $65,000 opening bid?”

Don’t get me wrong, I have really fallen in love with the Ducati Super Sports from the 1970’s, but really in the way that I love Heidi Klum. They look stunning, have great performance, no one has ever said a bad thing about them. And did I say sexy? Someone that my wife would not mind if I dated because she thinks they are beautiful as well. But when it comes down to it, only Seal could marry Heidi Klum, and only Seal could own this Ducati 750SS.

The seller is a specialist in those bike you dream about and I often stop buy their web page to see what they have on offer. Selling on eBay might widen their exposure, but just like their web page, they let the pictures do the talking.

From the seller

Please call Michael Kiernan at (314)772-5758

All inspections are welcome. Please call Michael Kiernan at 314 772 5758 with any questions regarding this vehicle, shipping and storage. Or e-mail Sales@MichaelsMotorcycles.com

As we have shown before the 750SS is a great performing bike, with the quirk being that there are fewer 750SS then 900SS because the bigger bike was only slight more expensive. Buyers of the time dictated how few real 750ss were made, and the smart money in the 1970’s would have been on the 750SS. So make the call, send the email, do your research and find out if this bike began as a 750SS. At this price I would expect a signed letter from Dr Fabio Taglioni put this bike together himself.


1975 Ducati 750SS For Sale on eBay Australia

Mark from Ducati News Today emailed me about this great looking bike for sale in Australia. :

1975 Ducati 750SS For Sale in Australia

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