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1962 Norton Manx Race Bike for Sale

1962 Norton Manx R Side

The Norton Manx was a racing motorcycle built from 1947 to 1962. Just think about that for a second: it was a motorcycle that was good enough to be competitive, not just on the street, where that kind of longevity is still fairly uncommon, but in the brutal, cut-and-thrust world of professional racing, during a period of time where motorcycle development in general was rewriting the rules of what could be done every few years…

1962 Norton Manx L Side Engine

A hugely impressive feat, and part of what makes these bikes so desirable for collectors. It also helps that this thing looks just about perfect, with proportions, colors, and simple engineering that is aesthetic as it is effective on track.

1962 Norton Manx Dash

While Norton officially retired from GP racing in 1954, they continued to sell the bike to individual racers. The light, nimble, and most importantly durable bikes were the perfect privateer bikes, easily adaptable to a variety of tracks and riding styles. They were simple and rugged, with excellent handling that put them ahead of more sophisticated or powerful bikes.

1962 Norton Manx Rear Wheel

Powered by engines of 350cc or 500cc displacement, they featured reliable and precise tower-shaft and bevel-gear driven overhead cams. The almost square bore and stroke gave a wide, flexible powerband that made the most of the 500’s 50bhp and would push the 300 pound machine to 140mph, very impressive for a single-cylinder motorcycle

1962 Norton Manx R Side Engine

The Featherbed frame that gave the bike its winning handling was introduced in 1954 and was welded up without any of the normal mass-produced cast pieces that added weight and could reduce strength. With telescopic forks up front and a swingarm rear suspension, the bikes had forgiving handling that allowed riders to make up time against more powerful motorcycle on many tracks.

Believe it or not, Molnar in the UK will still build you one of these from the original 1961 specs and drawings, as they bought rights to the tooling in 1994.

From the original eBay listing: 1962 Norton Manx 500cc Model 30M 

Set up and ready to go for AHRMA Vintage Racing with Norvil close ratio five speed transmission, fresh low end engine rebuild, short course fiberglass gas tank, Mitsubishi magneto, correct four shoe front brake, reverse cone exhaust, numbers matching engine and frame numbers and much more. An excellent investment! 

Located in Southern California.

These are hugely iconic bikes and very collectable, and there’s no need to let these sit in garages or under tarps where they slowly decay: organizations like AHRMA allow owners to thrash these things on track with other like-minded folks. I had the opportunity to meet some of the riders and their families down in South Jersey last weekend and found a whole bunch of people who’d traveled from all over to entertain the crowd with some great, on-track action. Hugely recommended, even if you can’t scrape together the cash to buy one of these yourself.


1962 Norton Manx L Side

1975 Ducati 750GT for Sale

1975 Ducati 750 GT Red R Side

It’s Thanksgiving, but here you are, poking around CSBFS. You couldn’t stay away could you? Bored with rehashing family squabbles, not interested in parades, or afraid you might miss out on your dream bike? Well, if your dream bike happens to be  a ready-to-ride Ducati 750GT in red and black, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily, you can quietly slip back into the living room after you check out the original eBay listing, since there’s still 3 days left on the auction…

1975 Ducati 750 GT Red Dash

As is typical of the era, this 1975 round-case appears to be titled the year after the less-popular square-case redesign was introduced. The Ducati 750 came in SS, Sport, and GT flavors, although it’s worth noting that only the SS came with the famous “Desmodromic” valve actuation. The GT, while the most conservatively styled of the trio, was also the most practical and comfortable of the three for everyday use, and featured higher bars with a more comfortable, dual seat. The SS and Sport both had bum-stop solo seat and clip-ons: great for looks, not so great for middle-aged backs. The kind of backs that are most likely able to afford and appreciate these classics…

1975 Ducati 750 GT Red L Engine

1975 Ducati 750GT for Sale

This bike is ridden regularly and professionally maintained.  Starts easily and runs/rides great. Very quick, handles well, and stops very quickly.
Very reliable.  No issues, no excuses. Everything works.   This bike is ready to ride and needs NOTHING.
The paint is beautiful with no dings or scratches to the bodywork. 
the black frame has some light scratches here and there.
I have receipts of about $10k for recent work on this bike, including, but not limited to…
1975 Ducati 750 GT Red Engine Detail
The seller then goes on to include a comprehensive list of updates, including a very snazzy set of Ohlins shocks that suit the bike very well, in spite of their modern look. Otherwise, the bike appears very stock, unlike the GT we featured earlier this week. That bike, though not entirely original, was very sharp.  This one is much more traditional, with more subtle paint and patina. Depending on your taste, it’s been a banner week for Ducati fans!
Enjoy your turkey.
1975 Ducati 750 GT Red L Side

1974 Ducati 750 GT for Sale

1974 Ducati 750 Sport Blue L Side Front

As much as I love home-brewed cafe racers, ratty racebikes, and “tribute” bikes, ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.  If you can afford it… This 1974 750GT looks gorgeous and, although it isn’t strictly original, the modifications are sensible and period-appropriate.

Prices of all the early bevel-drive and tower shaft v-twin Ducatis are on the rise, but pride-of-place is reserved for the early “round-case” models. Although the GT lacked Ducati’s signature “Desmodromic” valve actuation, it still employed exotic technology: the clockwork precision and jewel-like construction of the valvetrain make these a joy to look at up close, although this complexity led to high production and assembly costs, as you’d expect.

1974 Ducati 750 Sport Blue R Side

As a 1974 bike, this would be the last of the “round-case” Ducatis, since the 750cc engine cases were redesigned in 1974 with a much more angular look to match revised bodywork. The new style was not very popular with Ducatisti at the time: wild, hairy-chested biker folks are a surprisingly traditional bunch.

Just ask Harley Davidson…

This round-case-love has led to the greater desirability of the earlier models. Looking at this bike, you can see why.

1974 Ducati 750 Sport Blue Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1974 Ducati 750 GT for Sale

A restored ’74 750 GT with less than 11,000 actual miles (1500 since complete nut&bolt restoration in 2007). This bike has been maintained in perfect condition, starts easily with just one or two kicks, a little choke, and runs smooth. I am trying to raise money to purchase another Ducati project bike & also need to make some space in the garage. So I am reluctantly letting this bike go.
The engine # is 756404. Frame # is 756453. It has a clear Colorado title.
I completed a full nut & bolt restoration in 2007. I have put 1,587 miles on it since then.
I included a few custom parts including café seat and clip on handlebars, K&N filters, newly rebuilt wiring harness, sport pistons, custom rear turn signals, and chromed lower forks.
36mm Dellorto Carbs have been rebuilt with new rubber and gaskets. Put all new bearings in the motor. Replaced old Petcocks with new ones.  Most fasteners have been replaced with stainless steel or zinc plated. Ignition was replaced with Dyna coils and electronic ignition system.
Mufflers are the original Contis.
The paintwork is flawless! I used House of Kolor Metallic Silver and Blue (with a bit of metal flake) to resemble Ducati’s early pre-production models.
The bike has correct Boranni rims with Stainless Steel spokes and Metzler tires.
You can find this bike on Café Racer TV’s website as it was featured on week 7 of Season 1.
This bike looks fantastic. It starts, runs, and rides even better. A real head turner!
1974 Ducati 750 Sport Blue R Engine
And it has a “Gear-Gazer”!  I love those: the clear window [seen on the vertical cylinder] allows you to see the gears that drive the cam! Bidding is up to $18,000 with five whole days left on the auction. It’s a really sharp-looking machine, but I”m curious to see how well it does: it’s basically a GT turned into a Sport-spec bike, with non-original, although very appealing, paint.  So did the seller ruin a perfectly good GT? It looks like the bidders are voting “no” with their wallets.
1974 Ducati 750 Sport Blue R Side Front