Some might say Touring I say Sport

1978 Yamaha XS 1100 For Sale on eBay

The 1978 XS 1100 came stock with 95 hp and a top speed of 133 mph. Those specs just don’t say Touring Bike to me, not in 1978. The shaft drive is a little bit of a turn off for me but in this case I could look past that. With it’s dual disk up front and single disk in the rear it was modern technology for it’s day. Some competitors were still sporting a single disk in front and drum on the back. Being Yamaha’s first inline four cylinder four stroke it was late to the party but fit right in with other Japanese manufacturers of the time. Did I just say 1978 was the first year of Yamaha’s inline four cylinder? Yep, The 750’s were triples and everybody knows what a 650 twin looks like. The 650 is the bike that’s being used for every custom build. They are chopped, stretched dropped and even cafe’d. This XS Eleven has to much class to be butchered in my opinion. The seller is a long time owner and fan of these machines read what he wrote…

Beautiful survivor that is in outstanding condition. I am 68 years old and it is time to let someone else enjoy this wonderful motorcycle. I bought a new XS1100E in Feb. 1978 and always regretted selling it. I had several motorcycles afterwards and was always dissapointed in them because of the power and smooth performance of the XS1100. In 2002 I found this bike. It was always kept inside and had excellent service work over the years. I am a retired Aircraft  Mechanic and probably go overboard on maintenance and servicing. I am the third owner. It was bought new in Denver by a 40 year old engineer in 1978. In his late 60’s he sold it to a 56 year old professional gentelman who did a lot of the work that has been done. I bought it in 2002 with 22,430 miles on it. It now has 26,040 miles.

The first owner put a custom touring seat on it and kept the origional inside his house and therefore it is in perfect condition.

The second owner performed complete servicing. Rebuilt forks, new fork bearings, cleaned and repacked swing arm and wheel bearings. Brake disks trued, complete rebuild on calipers and master cylinders. Overhauled carbs and installed new head to carb rubber boots. New Progressive rear shocks and TKAT fork brace. Drive shaft cleaned and greased. New fuel filters and petcock kits.Valves adjusted, replaced 2 shims. Chrome engine covers (over $800).Dark Toreador Red Metalic paint with gold pinstriping. Gas tank coated inside. New OEM emblems on tank, side covers and seat tail piece. New Hooker header.He invested over $4,500 in this work.

Since I have owned it I have replaced many of the OEM rubber parts, installed a K&N air filter, new OEM mirrors, new Metzler ME880 tires with about 600 miles on them ($360),  a new made in Holland BSM 4 into 2 exhaust with a balance tube between the side pipes (like the OEM exhaust had) and many service things done. 

In the spring I cleaned and serviced the wheel bearings, drive shaft and wheel splines. New seals installed. Serviced the brake calipers and front master cylinder with all new seals and fresh fluid.

Included are all of the tools and the hard to find rear wheel removal cable assembly. Owners manual, Yamaha Service Manual, magazines from 1978 and a very hard to find 22″ X 34″ poster from 1978.

This motorcycle runs like new and everything works as on a new bike. It has never had any transmission or second gear issues. I have read that these issues did not show up until the 1979 XS1100 Special came out.

If you have read any of my previous posts you might see a pattern here. Clean! Yes this is another amazing clean machine. I’ve seen kitchens with more grim than this thing and you make your food in the kitchen. I just love seeing these old bikes looking like they just rolled out of the factory. This is a bike that’s had some restore work so it’s not completely original. To me that means the buyer could pick it up and ride it with out concerns of ruining their new investment. If it were me I’d ride it on a long loner trip across a few states just because. Of course I’d have to pack a bunch of rags and cleaning supplies, I’d cringe at the thought of it getting dusty. 🙂 Anyway, if you buy this let me know and I’ll meet you in the middle of nowhere on my KZ. We can drag race and then hit the curves. Do it do it.