The British return to Whidbey Island, Washington

Captain George Vancouver explored the Puget Sound area of Washington with his Royal officer Peter Puget in 1792. I am guessing that Joseph Whidbey set his eyes on an island 35 miles long from north to south and 1 to 12 miles wide and asked the Captain if he could name it. Today, 219 years later two of the islands 58,000 residents are offering up four great Classic Sports bikes for sale. What are the odds?

The oldest of the four is this 1947 Triumph Tiger 100. First offered for sale back where Captain Vancouver hailed from in 1939 the T100 was the second incarnation of the twin developed by Edward Turner.

From the seller

            Very nice number matching Triumph. Completely restored 519 miles ago. Runs and rides excellent. 15k or best offer. Don’t miss this one! Clear Ca. title



The next oldest is from a different resident, but no less of a machine. This 1950 Norton ES2 has two thinks that lend you to believe the claimed racing history. A number plate, and an open Megaphone exhaust. I have hinted before, a race bike of the 1950’s make a great road bike on today’s roads with today’s traffic.


From the seller

            1950 Norton es2, old road racer, but street legal.
original wellworthy alum cyl
new clutch
megaqphone exhaust
have stock muffler
parts book
shop manual

 Next up  is a 1956 Ariel Square Four MkII offered by the seller of the Triumph. This is also a Edward Turner design, but developed in 1928 when he worked at Ariel prior to moving to Triumph. It is a unique design in that it is a pair of parallel twins, one in front of the other. The first years had heating problems to the rear cylinders when the rear exhaust exited through a shared header pipe. As you can see, this model is the later design were each exhaust valve gets its own header pipe.

From the seller

            Very nice Ariel. Completely restored 353 miles ago. Runs and rides excellent. 9k or best offer. Don’t miss this one! Clear Ca. title.


 Last but not least, is a 1962 Norton Atlas 750, first year of this bored out parallel twin. This was the evolution of the Norton Dominator, and had grown from 500cc, to 600cc, and 750cc for the power hungry, displacement fixated US Market. During the cold war, when America had its own Atlas Missiles pointed at the USSR, what better name for a road rocket.

From the seller

1962 Norton atlas 750cc, FIRST YEAR US MARKET ONLY. RARE
good mag
street legal
good tires
good rims
shop manual
parts manual
matching numbers

When the family goes to Whidbey Island in the summer, we spend the time on the beach and in the water around Double Bluff. If I could, I would take any one of these bikes and fly north on Saratoga road out of Langley and end up at Captain Whidbey Inn on Penn Cove for some mussels. BB

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