The Holy Grail of classic Sport bikes? First year Kawasaki Z900

I am very excited to see one of these turn up. This year is very hard to come by. I am curious to see what the inconsistencies will do to the price. The bike doesn’t run, isn’t put together completely and the exhaust might not be from the right year. Because the USD is so low right now a lot of these are going overseas. I have heard tales of shipping containers filled with these going to other countries. The seller seems to be honest now that the auction has time under it’s belt. Ask a lot of questions.

1972 Kawasaki Z1 900 for sale on eBay

Here’s what he says.

This is a really nice 1972 Kawasaki Z1 900 Serial # 5XXX. No Title, bill of sale only from previous owner. It’s in great condition and almost ready to ride. Health issues force sale. I just completed a rebuild of entire bike and tried to start it but discovered that there is a fuel leak between the two left carbs on the crossover tube. Has the correct twin disc brake up front and 5/8 master cylinder. Extremely early Z1 that is really hard to find. Rebuilt using mostly NOS parts and some repro parts. 

Several potential bidders have asked about the bike in more detail. I want you to know that if you’re looking for a perfect bike then this one isn’t for you. It’s very nice but not yet complete. I’ve got too much going on to finish it so this is up to you. I bought the carbs because they are the correct ones for this bike and they were supposed to be rebuilt but they are leaking so something is wrong. Because of this the bike has not been made to run but it does have ignition and it did hit on some of the cylinders and was trying to start when I noticed the leak. Additionally, the paint is nice but not perfect. Finally, and I had this in the previous ebay ad, but somehow ommitted it in the relisting. The exhaust pipes are marked 76 so I think they are from a newer bike but I’m not an expert on this. Anyone who wants to withdraw a bid will have my blessing to do so.  Haviing said all of that, I believe its still a one of a kind find and to the right buyer would be even better. Good Luck bidding!!!

I can’t even begin to guess at the price on this bike. They have been gaining popularity and value on almost a daily basis. The USD is down so international buyers are buying. The bike is very clean but missing parts and not completely original. There’s so many variables on this one I can’t put a finger on it. I’m going to be following this auction close. You can too by clicking right here.


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