Truth in Advertising: 1975 Laverda SFC for Sale in Italy

1975 Laverda SFC L Side

Manufacturers love to throw around terms like “race bike for the road” and “Moto GP technology for the street”. But it’s really just hyperbole: the only thing most road bikes have in common with GP bikes is a brand name and the simple fact that they’re possessed of two wheels…

But that wasn’t always so, and this Laverda SFC is a genuine race bike, a raw, track-ready beast with road equipment fitted as an afterthought. Take a look at that taillight: does it look like it’s supposed to be there, stuck on and pointing up in the air? In fact, many of these come up for sale with lights, signals, and mirrors safely stored in a cardboard box…

1975 Laverda SFC R Side Engine

The SFC was based on Laverda’s SF1, a parallel twin introduced in 1968 and originally sold as an Amercian Eagle in the US. After a short run of 650cc machines displacement was bumped to 750. Laverda’s twin was famously durable and the bikes, while not especially light, were very stable and reliable. Engine internals were built to last, and the twin featured five main bearings. Laverda chose components from different manufacturers in an attempt to maximize both performance and reliability: parts not made in-house came from Ceriani, Bosch, and Nippon-Denso.

1975 Laverda SFC Dash

This famed reliability made Laverda’s twin the ideal foundation for an endurance-racing machine, and the SFC was built to homologate the bike for competition. The SFC was barely streetable, with high-performance internals that helped the bike produce almost 80hp.

1975 Laverda SFC R Grip

From the original eBay listing: 1975 Laverda SFC 750 “Elettronico” for Sale

VIN 18300 Engine 18300

This is “the real thing”, numbers on the register and it is the rariest and most desiderable model of the serie, the “Elettronico” of 1975. On top of this it has a works race history being raced by Giuseppe Uberti Foppa (works Laverda rider listed also in the SFC register book) at the 500kms of Monza in 1975, with certification signed by him.

The bike was restored in the Factory in the early 80’s and kept as a jewel since, totally original genuine parts, even the fiberglass body, throttle, all small bits, no repro’s or nos.

Bike is “on the button” with even new tyres, showroom conditions. The best i have seen in the last 20 years! Bulletproof investment. Bike is currently located in Italy, 33080 Roveredo in Piano (Pordenone) but i can get them delivered all around the World at cost, no problem. We can supply US contact as reference.

1975 Laverda SFC L Side Tailsection2

The bikes evolved throughout their 549 bike run. Early bikes had the huge Laverda or magnesium Ceriani drum brake that gave them their name: “SFC” stood for “Super Freni Competizione” which basically translates to “super braking competition.” Later bikes featured triple disc brakes, a real rarity at the time. 1974 also saw significant improvements to frame and engine internals, and the last batch of “Electronica” bikes were fitted with Bosch electronic ignition and feature a distinctive primary chain cover.

1975 Laverda SFC R Side Gearbox

There are 8 days left on the auction and bidding is up to $40,000 with the reserve not yet met. That’s a ton of money for a motorcycle, but this is also a ton of motorcycle for your money, with great looks, great sound, rarity, performance, and heritage.


1975 Laverda SFC R Side

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6 Responses

  1. Jess says:

    I was hoping you would post this Laverda. This truly is art on a pallet of “form follows function.” It seems the Itallion’s had the formula for building exotic, barely streetable, race bikes the public could buy (if you had the money and connections).
    But wait there’s more! Its for sale in the mother land, Italy, has been reconditioned by the Laverda factory and it has a certified works race history being raced by Giuseppe Uberti Foppa (works Laverda rider listed also in the SFC register book) at the 500kms of Monza in 1975.
    Interesting to see what it will sell for!

  2. tad says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen a few SFC clones at the race track, but I’ve yet to see the genuine article used in anger… This one really is pretty much perfect, except it’s missing my favorite vintage bike accessory: a white-faced Veglia tach!

  3. martin/dallaslavowner says:

    I am not sure the orange triple tree top/yoke is standard but otherwise a real beauty

  4. gianluca says:


    i’m the owner of the bike and can assure to all of you that this is the best i have seen and because i owned about 25 SFC’s in my life i know what i’m talking about.
    The orange yoke is original, all sfc’s had that type (with the fitting space for the handlebar, coming from the standard road production) and all SFC had the black Smith rev counter Laverda marked, never a white Veglia.

    Thanks to all for looking and appreciating this beauty.
    All the best

  5. tad says:

    Thanks for writing in Gianluca! Gorgeous bike. I know the Smiths was fitted from the factory, I just love the look of that white Veglia tach. I’ve seen it used on a couple of replicas and it suits the bike.

  6. gianluca says:

    Yes i agree, and there were also some riders racing with Veglia in the period as they were more accurate.