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Would you like to jump into Harley Davidson road racing? Want to be able to race twice a weekend? One seller has two auctions which could put you on the starting grid in two different classes. This 1972 XRTT750, and this Italian import RR350. Two bikes that Harley Davidson used to pursue road racing trophies. One home grown, the other gained its orange and black stripes when Harley bought into the Italian company Aermacchi.


From the seller on his XRTT

This is a 1972 XRTT, there was only eleven of them made. The engine was completely redone Carl Patrick. Everything is new, blue printed and balanced and it has never been started.

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The seller assumes that you know that the XR was the evolution of Harley’s KR racing bikes from the 1950’s. When Harley had sway with the AMA, they were able to have rules which would give HD flat head engines an advantage over the European OHV engines. But after 1969, those rules were changed, and Harley have to move their valves. The First XR engines had tried and true, but slow, cast iron cylinders and heads. The XR would change their ways and go on to use aluminum, and dominate flat track and dirt track racing in the US. This XRTT is essentially the same bike that would race the ovals, but adding a bigger front brakes, full fairing and duck bill rear section, it transformed into a road racer.


The second auction offered by the same seller is for a 350cc European sized road racer.

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The seller describes the smaller imported Harley

This is one of the rarest Harley’s you will ever see. This is a 350 which is very rare, there are only two that exist in the U.S. This just had brakes redone, engine completely rebuilt. As you can see in the videos this has been dyno tuned.

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Again the seller missed on telling you that Walter Villa won the 1976 350cc world Gran Prix Championship on a Harley-Davison RR350. With Harley buying controlling interest in Aermacchi in 1974, you could call the RR350 a turn key Harley road racer. They turned the keys on a Grand Prix champion. Not a bad investment, oh, wait, yes it was.

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Ocationally we run across automatic collection for sale as a lot on Classic Sports Bikes For Sale. This is a case where the seller has put two great road racing bikes up in separate auction. This gives Italian bikes enthusiast that chance to buy European road racing winners, while not having to compete again American Iron road racing enthusiast. Which are you, RR350, or XRTT750? BB

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  1. Jess says:

    Both auctions are ended as the items are no longer available. At least $75K, that was quick!