V6 Kawasaki Special

This lead was sent to us by Dave who prefaced the email with “Want something unusual?” But what is it? If you start looking for a V6 Kawasaki, you will not find anything from the factory. What I was able to find are a couple of references to a home build V6, and I can’t imagine that there are a lot of these running around.You can see the actual sale here, and is currently available in France.

Plugging V6 Kawasaki into the great search engine I ran across someone names Res Cogs on 2stroke forum who showed some picture of what is apparently the same bike. He gave no information other then an article was going to be coming out (in 2009) about the bike. Reg linked photos of the bike crammed into a garage with some other nice race bikes.

Another link I found may or may not be related to this bike for sale, but again how many can there be. It is and expired sale on a UK site with only a description without pictures.

From the expired listing

Kawasaki V6 500 cc Yes V6 500 cc A fantastic piece of engineering Two KH 250 cc Triples mated together to produce this beautiful V6 500 cc racer Original constructed in 1976 and raced until 1977 upon the owners death In latter years the DRM as its known was completely rested beautifully and road registered The bike its self looks stunning and won Machine Of Most Technical interest at the International Stafford Classic Bike Show in 2009 Fitted with Boyer electronic ignition 6 Mikuni carburetors Gremica front brake and six gorgeous had made expansion boxes The Japanese could not have done it better The DRM is without doubt unique and gathers great attention were ever it goes either at shows or when in use People think its an ex works Mick Grant or Corky Ballington machine so it has then scratching there heads I did not know Kawasaki made a 500 cc V6 Grand Prix machine you here them thinking Its a true product of its time and credit due to its maker

I do not know enough about the KH250 so I cannot say definitively say that the bike for sale is the same described above. It does appear to have a Gremica front brake so who knows. With my untrained eye it does look like there have been two engines grafted to one crank case. The fit and finish look to use simple solutions instead of intricate and difficult to machine parts. The end result is unique and would turn heads with its design. The real question is how does it go, and what does it sound like at full throttle. If you have seen this bike, or heard this bike please share your comments. BB


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