When you think Sport Touring does 50cc come to mind? 1962 DUCATI SPORT 48

1962 Ducati For Sale

Well if it does, you’re a friend of mine. For a short period of time Ducati insisted that small cc two strokes were the basket that all the eggs should go in. They weren’t right for the long term but for awhile two strokes kept them afloat. The Sport was imported to the US as the Falcon. They are a rare find in any condition and one that’s all original in this kind of condition could set some kind of record for most money paid per cc or something. There are claims that it will go more mph than it has cc’s, can your 1000cc do that? Aside from being rare they are so simple and so aesthetically appealing that they can be a pretty neat addition to any collection.


Seller’s words:

1962 DUCATI SPORT 48. Completely original and in good running and riding condition. 48cc. 2 stroke. 3 speed. Maker’s claim 50mph (downhill with a slight tail wind??).

    Hard to find. Interesting addition to any serious Ducati collection. It was my intention to restore it but it has great patina as is and I would recommend leaving it alone.  It is a duplicate in my collection so I have put a fair reserve price.

    Sold with BILL OF SALE ONLY. eBay does not show a “bill of sale” category in the listing so I have put “clear title”. I repeat: this bike is  SOLD WITH BILL OF SALE ONLY. Please check the registration requirements in your state before bidding. This bike cannot be exported until a title is obtained.

    You are welcome to visit in Tarzana (San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles).

    Speedo reads 6960 kms but this may not be the original mileage.


OK, but does it have a title? Haha, I like how there are so many annoying people out there that sellers have to write in all caps to get their point across. Oh wait, I don’t like that but it is kinda funny. Do yourself a favor and check this auction out.


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