Wild Racing Replica: 1974 Egli-Kawasaki for Sale

1974 Egli Kawasaki R Side

This striking Egli-framed Kawasaki was built by yet another one of the small tuner/frame builders that proliferated in the 1960’s and 1970’s to provide a solution to a problem the major manufacturers seemed generally unable to deal with: frames that allowed bikes to live up to their full potential.

1974 Egli Kawasaki L Side Rear

Fritz Egli was a former Swiss motorcycle racer who opened his own shop in 1965, using his racing expertise to tune and improve his customers’ machines. He made his name building stiff, lightweight frames based on straight sections of tubing to fit Honda and Kawasaki engines, although he is perhaps most famous for his first bike, the stunning Egli-Vincent. Gotet Motorcycles in France is still allowed to produce a handful of frames per year for Vincent engines, and there are even a few Egli-framed Laverda triples running around, although I’ve never seen one of those for sale.

1974 Egli Kawasaki Dash

This particular machine was built into a replica of the French Godier/Genoud team that won the “Cup d’Endurance” championship in 1972. The preparation that’s clearly gone into this bike is impressive, and a quick look at the photos reveals a wealth of really cool period endurance-racing details, like the clear plastic tubing fuel gauge on the outside of the tank in the photo below.

1974 Egli Kawasaki Tank

From the original eBay listing: 1974 Egli Kawasaki for Sale

For sale in south of France, Egli Kawasaki built by Alain Genoud and Claude Dangoisse as a tribute to the famous Egli Godier Genoud 1974 World Champion bike . Fantastic looking and working condition, sounds like a real thunder!  The bike is not road registered, I sell it as a racing motorcycle only. Huge historic file with pics, details, parts… Bol d’Or Classic, Classic days etc… Very well known bike in the paddocks. The first who will see, smell and ear it will buy it believe me!

This bike is listed on ebay Germany too where you can look at my details if you want to contact me directly…

The bike is for sale at a fraction of the huge certified cost price… Some very good parts and a very interesting and complete file come with the bike, history, races pics, bills etc… 

I can ship the bike everywhere at cost and can help for perfect crating, wooden box etc…

1974 Egli Kawasaki Carbs

Currently located in St. Rémy de Provence, France, there are no takers so far at an opening bid of $23,000 which is a shame. That seems like a pretty small price to pay: it may only be a replica, but Eglis are rare in any form, and this is very much a one-of-a-kind machine. While it doesn’t have authentic racing history, it’s fully safety-wired, looks the business and should run with the big dogs, if you can bear to risk wrecking it on track!


1974 Egli Kawasaki L Side

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2 Responses

  1. martin/dallaslavowner says:

    for sale in the south of france…..drat!!!

  2. Octane says:

    Nice bike indeed but it is far from being close to an accurate replica.
    The main point is that the original 1974 Godier Genoud Egli Kawasaki was a twin shock frame.
    And there are other points too but it is not worth pointing them all out.
    What I want to say is that the bike is a very nice one and fully sorted for the track but calling it a replica
    is not correct IMHO.
    The frame itself is not even a real Egli frame but a copy. How accurate is it ?
    Only Mr Fritz Egli could tell…